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Classic Georgian House in London Gets a Cultured Modern Revamp

Large glass windows with curtains give the interior a spacious appeal

Transforming an elegant and timeless four-story Georgian residence in London into a more appealing, modern space is a job that demands both creativity and plenty of care. Adding to the complexity of the task was the historic façade of the house that needed to be left untouched while giving the interior a refreshing, classy makeover. Taking up this complex challenge and delivering in a grand…

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Dramatic Landscape and Ocean Views Shape the Sagaponack Residence

Fabulous contemporary home in Sagaponack with ocean views

The quiet and beautiful neighborhood of Sagaponack in Suffolk County, New York is renowned for its lovely beaches and innumerable ponds and water bodies. This creates a unique and exciting landscape with coastal charm on one side and wetland magic on the other. Acting as a perfect gateway between both ecosystems is the stunning Sagaponack Residence designed by Bates Masi Architects. The exquisite contemporary residence…

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Modern Colorado Vacation Home with Enthralling Mountain Views

Gorgeous Colorado vacation home surrounded by snow covered slopes

Moving away from the traditional look of classic ski cabins, contemporary mountain retreats are embracing a whole new design style that seamlessly blends the modern with the rustic. Nestled in the snowy slopes of Colorado, this breathtaking getaway was designed by Morgante Wilson Architects for a family of passionate skiers, and the dwelling brings the comforts of an urban lifestyle to a relaxed, mountainside setting….

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Single-Family House in Sydney Charms with Midcentury Modern Flair

Exquisite use of brick wall and contrasting texures in the lovely living space

Turning a 1920s semi-detached house into a modern home that serves the needs of a young family is a task that demands the best possible fusion of aesthetics and ergonomics. Located in Neutral Bay, a harbor-side suburb in Sydney, Australia, this beautiful residence designed by Downie North Architects was completely revamped to create a seamless interface between the outdoors and the interior. The Neutral Bay…

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New Canaan Residence: A Contemporary Escape Draped in Greenery

Pool area offers a relaxed spot surrounded by lush green vegetation

Spread across 6000 square meters and surrounded by a lush, green forest, the New Canaan Residence in Connecticut seems like a perfect refuge for those who wish to escape the mundane rush of big city life. The initial structure was built in the 50s, and over the last few decades, several poorly planned additions and changes turned it into a lifeless, traditional home. The task…

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Contemporary Austin Renovation Creates a Bright, Colorful Home

Small and stylish swimming pool idea for the contemporary home

Renovation and addition projects that alter the ambiance of older, traditional homes and usher in a cheerful, modern vibe often need plenty of creativity. Located in the beautiful neighborhood of Tarrytown west of downtown Austin, Texas, this gorgeous home was once a dark and dreary residence with box-like rooms and poor flow of natural light. Renovated to suit the sensibilities of a contemporary, urban family by…

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Urbane Miami Home Brings Chic Sophistication to Coastal Style

Coastal color scheme gives the dining space a refreshing, cool vibe

Waking up to the sights and sounds of the majestic Atlantic Ocean just outside your bedroom sounds like a great way to start a morning indeed. Add to this a stunning patio that almost seems to hover on top of the ocean waves, and you have a dream home for those who love sun, sand and surf! This sophisticated and cheerful contemporary apartment located in…

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Tranquil Private Residence Combines Modern Design with Rustic Charm

Beautiful Chalet Bolton Est in Quebec, Canada

Most often, the chalets that we discover are surrounded by the spectacular Alps and draped in luxury, or they offer unabated views of unending ski slopes in getaways such as Jackson Hole. But the Chalet Bolton-Est is a touch different from these usual opulent affairs. Designed by Boom Town and surrounded by a picturesque, serene landscape, this gorgeous private residence brings the timeless beauty of…

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Cheerful Modern Makeover Transforms Victorian House in London

Chevron panels give the addition a touch of elegance

It seems to be a season of renovations and extension projects, and today we’ve stumbled upon another beauty from London that gives an old, dark and congested home a sparkling new lease on life. Located on Milton Road, London, Lambeth is a gorgeous Victorian house that was in urgent need of a contemporary makeover. The homeowners wanted a light, breezy and modern interior where the…

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Exclusive London Bachelor Pad Wrapped in Polished Opulence!

Exquisite high-end decor shapes the cool London bachelor pad

Long gone are the days when bachelor pads reminded you of cluttered college dorm rooms filled with unnecessary posters and a whole lot of mess. Today’s bachelor pads are sleek, stylish and curated spaces that exude a sense of ‘cool sophistication’. Located in Barnes, a district in south-west London, this charming hub combines midcentury modern brilliance with vintage accessories and a captivating blend of colors…

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Adaptable Design and Natural Materials Shape Tranquil Johannesburg Home

Lovely outdoor dining space and kitchen of the lavish Johannesburg house

Contemporary architecture and design is all about clean, straight lines and polished surfaces, and is often dominated by concrete and glass. Moving away from this beaten path and bringing home a wide array of tantalizing textures, House 01 designed by Daffonchio & Associates Architects in Johannesburg charms you with its unique and adaptable take on modern design. The house is filled with a wide range…

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Ingenious California Home with Scenic Ocean Views and a Breezy Interior

Stunning living space of the Claifornian Home with Pacific Ocean Views

If you live in one of those regions of the world where winters are both long and extra chilly, you are constantly looking for ways to escape the blues. A gorgeous contemporary home located in sunny Laguna Beach, California and overlooking the Pacific Ocean must seem like an absolute haven right now, and this is precisely what the luxurious McElroy Residence promises. Spread across a…

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Lavish House Sar Dazzles with Elegant Indoor-Outdoor Interplay

Swimming pool and the outdoor garden of House Sar

Opening up a home with limited views and ventilation to the world outside and giving it an entirely new, cheerful ambiance is a task that requires both skill and imagination. Located in the lovely suburb of Athol, Johannesburg, House Sar designed by Werner van der Meulen brings together an air of contemporary luxury and exclusivity. The house has many of the trademark features that one…

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Period Cottage in Geelong Gets a Classy Contemporary Addition

Backyard of the contemporary Geelong home with a refreshing pool and lovely garden

Renovating existing heritage structures to suit the specific needs of a growing urban family can indeed be difficult at the best of times. The Hope Street Residence provided the creative minds from Steve Domoney Architecture with a similar challenge, as they needed to come up with a classy, contemporary addition for a weatherboard period cottage in Geelong West, Victoria. As is the case with most…

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8 Stunning Modular Homes That Put the “Eco” in Interior Decor

White Rock II Modular Home

What’s better than a modern home? Why, a modular modern home, of course! Prefabricated dwellings not only cut construction time in half (or even down to a matter of days), they’re also typically more eco-friendly because they produce less waste. They often ring in at a lower pricepoint as well. Despite their reputation for being somewhat box-like, today’s modular houses are surprisingly customizable with bells…

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