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Blue, White and Plenty of Light: Revamped Edwardian House in Melbourne

The last few years have seen many classic homes in Australia get a modern makeover that allows urban families to make the most of the limited space that they offer. This gorgeous Edwardian house in Melbourne is no different with its revamped interior designed by Bryant Alsop combining the old with the new in a seamless and efficient manner. The renovation is truly captivating and yet feels understated as a new living area, kitchen and dining space are engulfed in white and blue. The color scheme is both versatile and trendy with a series of smart blue cabinets in the kitchen making things even more attractive.

Contemporary kitchen in white blue cabinets in the backdrop
Contemporary kitchen in white blue cabinets in the backdrop

The new interior embraces modernity at every turn with the living area sitting on a level that is slightly lower than the kitchen and dining area next to it. This entire setting opens up in the backyard and the wooden deck outside and the line between the living space and the outdoors are cleverly blurred away. The entry room features a touch of gray along with the doors while the bedrooms charm with floral prints and modern art additions. A flood of natural light in every room ensures that there is no space for dull corners anywhere.

Rear facade of the extended Aussie home connecting the living area with the garden
Right balance between white and blue in the kitchen
Stylish and well-lit modern living room f the Aussie home
Chair adds a touch of bright pink to the white and blue interior
Classic street facade of the Melbourne home with modern makeover

A small workstation in the kitchen gives the homeowners a chance to get things done both on professional and personal fronts. Smart, space-savvy and cheerful, this is a home makeover that leaves you with a pleasant smile on your face! [Photography: Jack Lovel]

Dashing dining table and chairs in wood along with geometric pendants
Double entry with traditional stairway
Entry room with a bench in wood, floating shelves and cabinets in blue for storage
Entry to the traditional home with modern gray doors
Freestanding bathtub in white for modern bathroom
Master bedroom in white with a floral touch

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