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A Grand and Timeless Welcome: Traditional Entry Ideas with Style and Splendor

Making a good first impression is essential in every walk of life; even when it comes to welcoming guests into your home. In our constant effort to decorate and redecorate the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and dining space, we tend to forget how important it is to have an entry that keeps up with the rest of the house! The idea of a traditional entry might seem like bit of a bore to some with contemporary styles making their presence felt in every other room of the house. But step into a perfectly done traditional entry room and you will be instantly charmed by both its level of sophistication and timeless elegance.

Elegant traditional entry room feels both stylish and comforting [From: Tim Lenz Photography]

Despite styles like Scandinavian, modern, minimal and industrial taking over in other rooms of the house, a traditional entry still manages to hold its own. With a couple of classic chairs, a dashing console and other accessories and art pieces that reflect your personal taste, the traditional entry can be both practical and regal at the same time. Step into these awesome traditional entry rooms and you will realize what you have been missing out on!

Using Flexibility of White

We love the idea of keeping the entry backdrop white as it gives you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to choosing both the style of the room and the décor that goes into it. A white entry with ample natural light flooding into it also gives your home a more spacious vibe and enhances the appeal of the living space next to it. Here you have another advantage as well with most living rooms already being clad in neutral hues that are close to white. Despite the possible change in style from traditional to contemporary, there is a visual continuity that makes the transition organic and pleasant.

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White and well-lit entry room with traditional wooden décor [From: Norcross and Scott]
Exquisite entry with wallpapered backdrop, hats hanger and pops of gold and purple [From: Payne Bouchier Fine Builders]
Stunning ceiling adds to the brilliance of the traditional entry [From: Fusion style]

When Space is Not a Constraint

The grand and imposing entry at its glorious best is one with an undeniable traditional style and it is one that manages to sweep all of us off our feet with ease. With a double stairway at the end of it making a imperial statement, a bright chandelier above and ornate décor and furniture with a hint of golden glint, this is an entry that most of us dream of! Yes, not all of us have the space or the resources for an entry this lavish, but those who do should tap into the beauty of imposing traditional entries to enhance the beauty of their home further.

Grand traditional entry is a showstopper with its size and style [From: Lori Loomis Interiors]
Gray used beautifully in the spacious traditional entry
Gorgeous and grand traditional entry makes a big visual impact [From: TM5 Properties]

Gallery-Style Narrow Entries

Wall art is an essential part of the traditional entry room and those who want to play it up can opt for one that is long, narrow and is inspired by the design of art-galleries across the world. Here, it is the walls that hold the most glamour with a slim console table and a mirror feeling just like a tiny part of the larger narrative. Once again, you will benefit from the use of neutral colors for the wall even as the slim coat and hat hanger and a shelf for shoes quietly sits in the corner without disturbing the overall picture far too much.

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Perfect traditional entry idea for art lovers! [From: Period Architecture]
Small traditional entry of London home with slim console table and art work [From: Imperfect Interiors]
Art gallery-style entry in white with framed art work on the walls [From: Hamilton Custom Homes]

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