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55 Wall-Mounted Open Shelves Offering Space-Savvy Modularity

We are always looking for ways in which we can maximize storage and display space without actually wasting any available space. This quest for finding innovative ways to create new, space-savvy avenues becomes even more obvious in urban apartments where every inch matters. And modular, wall-mounted shelves come to the rescue every single time. Utilizing the wall space on offer, these vertical wonders can transform every room of your home without ever infringing with the existing floor plan or décor arrangement.

Repeating wooden modular shelving units can create a wall of shelves!

Each year sees the advent of new trends, designs and styles in the realm of wall-mounted shelves. 2017 is no different with the top furniture fairs of the year already showcasing the best designs around and the latest trends in open shelving. Some of these reinforce the charm of the classic floating shelf while others demonstrate the benefits of box shelves at their ergonomic best. Here is a look at 55 diverse inspirations that promise to reinvigorate your home!

Modular Boxed Beauties

It is box shelving that currently tops the ‘hottest’ list in the world of stylish shelves and it is barely a surprise that homes across the world are being filled up with these dashing delights. The box-styled shelves combine the elegance of the closed cabinet with the aesthetics of an open shelf to offer the best of both worlds. Wooden box shelves add another layer of intrigue to modern interiors by bringing textural beauty while slimmer metallic box shelves fit in more easily in industrial style living spaces.

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Mondrian wall shelf from Cinas
Adaptable wooden shelves can easily switch between open and closed aesthetic

From adding additional storage space to the entertainment unit in the living room to providing a smart display in the dining area, shelves like the Mondrian from Cinas work pretty much everywhere. Then there is wall space above the home office desk that can easily accommodate the box shelf, which will hold your office supplies and whole lot more

Space above the box-like units can aslo be used to create a casual display
Striking wall-mounted wooden shelves save space in the small living room

Color and Contrast

Modular shelves can offer a whole lot more than just storage and display space. They provide the perfect medium for those looking to add color and contrast to an interior without disturbing the existing style, decorative plan or even color scheme. Floating shelves in dark hues that complement the existing accent color in the room make a bold visual impact. Others can bring unique materials to contemporary spaces like steel, wood, copper or glass. Then there are geo shelves that instantly stand out in a world filled with rectangles and squares. Be it a shelf shaped like a triangle or one that is much more multifaceted like the hexagon, these adaptable shelves are always fun to work with!

Colorful series of open and closed shelves in lime green and gray
Repeating these snazzy shelves creates a great accent wall that also offers display space
Let those floating shelves become a sculptural work of art
Wood and metallics are a hot trend in home design in 2017

A Fascinating Display

It is barely a surprise that all those floating shelves in the living room, home office, bedroom or even the hallway are filled with books. Wall-mounted shelving offers a great platform where you can combine your storage needs with a stylish display in an effortless fashion. Many of these smart shelves in the dining room tend to be decorated with fancy china and unique collectibles while in the kitchen it is the turn of kitchenware and shiny steel and copper dishes. Photo frames, gorgeous vases and antiques – what the floating shelves in your home hold reflect both your taste and lifestyle.

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Lighting adds to the beauty and simplicity of the floating shelves in white
Modular living room shelving with floating wooden planks and a metallic frame
Smart shelving with wooden boards and a wiry frame is easy to create in the contemporary living space
Floating bookshelf with modualr ease for the living room

Small and Space-Savvy

Even though a wall filled with box shelving and series of modular shelves looks great, maybe what your home needs is something far simpler and efficient. The inspirations below showcase how just a couple of floating shelves and nothing more can complete your tiny home office, reading nook or even enhance the appeal of the living room corner with ease. You do not need all those fancy shelves out in the market to usher in this transformation. Even a modest, DIY wooden shelf (basically a plank securely anchored to the wall!) could be the answer to all your organizational problems. Less is indeed more here!

Simple wooden floating shelf for the space-savvy home workstation
Couple floating shelves in wood can enliven forgotten wall in the living room

Lighting, Ergonomics and More

Open shelving does demand a bit of care when it comes to both lighting and maintenance. While closed cabinets allow you to be far less organized, a cluttered open shelf takes away from the visual appeal of your home. Under-shelf LED strip lighting is one of the best ways to highlight these gorgeous shelves without spending a fortune on accent or track lighting. Placement of the shelf in relation to the rest of the décor in the room, height of the wall and the number of shelving units used need to be flawlessly proportional for that picture-perfect look.

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Fabulous living room design idea makes complete use of vertical space on offer
Gorgeous modern industrial shelving idea for the dining space

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