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Hudson Woods: Sustainable Modern Cabins Offer an Escape from NYC

The allure of life in New York City can quickly wear off as you spend long hours running with the clock almost endlessly. Despite its iconic skyline, glittering night life and exclusive lifestyle, there comes a time when the city’s resident wishes to move away from the constant rush and enjoy a few peaceful moments. It is for such clientele that the Hudson Woods were designed by Drew Lang of Lang Architecture. Comprising of 26 exquisite and exceptional cabins that combine modernity with the charm of a classic cabin in the woods, the development is spread across 131 forested acres in the Catskill Mountains.

Upscale collection of modern cabins in the Catskills

Offering an upstate New York refuge that is much more than just eye-candy, each of the homes is filled with planet-friendly features that make them a great choice for the eco-conscious homeowner. Passive solar design is coupled with smart placement of each home to ensure that the surrounding landscape is impacted in the most minimal way possible. Sustainable forest management practices are also employed to preserve the original foliage of the Catskills and to integrate the modern cabins with the greenery around them. Locally sourced wood and stone add to the green credentials of each of these 26 homes while high-efficiency heating systems and top-notch insulation cut down on power bills.

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Dashing modern cabin design at Hudson Woods
Gabled roof and wall of glass gives the home a modern midcentury vibe
View of the pool and the deck from stylish cabin
Scandinavian and mid-century aesthetics combined inside the stylish New York Cabin
Comfy bedroom with headboard wall in wood
Large window brings natural light into the cabin bedroom
Small workspace in the corner or hallway demands little square footage

When it comes to design, each cabin seems to reflect a careful composition that contains hints of midcentury, Scandinavian and modern styles. Large open living spaces, walls of glass and surfaces draped in wood strike that perfect balance between coziness and cheerful modern charm. Large decks and relaxing pool areas complete these picture-perfect New York getaways that allow you to reconnect back with nature! [Photography: Ty Cole]

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Woodsy nightstand at the cabin
Open living space with fireplace and glass wall
Entry of the modern cabin at Hudson Woods
Black tiled backsplash for the kitchen draped in wood
Efficient fireplace in the living room adds to its Scandinavian style
Corridor of the modern cabin-style retreat in woods drenched in sunlight
Open living area of the Hudson Woods
Look at the Hudson Woods during the colder months
Natural greenery surrounds the sustainable cabin
Cabin at the Hudson Woods after sunset

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