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25 Victorian Bedrooms Ranging from Classic to Modern

One thing you cannot say about Victorian-era design and its inimitable style is that it is mundane, especially if you have ever been in a Victorian bedroom before. Nothing is ever understated in these settings, with ornate patterns, decorative ceilings and intricate designs becoming very much the staple of the style. Of course, Victorian style is neither constant nor is it a homogenous, standardized style across the globe. Different regions of the world, architects and local eccentricities have shaped its various versions over time. And in the modern world, it still finds a place alongside the sleek, contemporary styles as it adapts and evolves.

Today, we take a look at opulent, elegant and at times astounding Victorian bedroom ideas that combine form and functionality with a dash of enduring, old world charm. Some of them are seemingly more modern than classic, while others dazzle you with their ‘over the top’ design. Either way you will find these lovely rooms a refreshing change of pace!

A Modern Reboot

Finding that right balance between Victorian elegance and modern aesthetics can be a tricky task, and often a blend of both elements gravitates more towards contemporary tendencies. Since bedroom décor choices have remained more or less constant across decades even though their styles and finishes have vastly varied, it is pretty easy to mix and match. A modern bed frame coupled with a vintage nightstand, a Victorian-era wardrobe, an antique room divider and elegant lighting can paint a picture of serenity draped in Victorian beauty.

Gorgeous use of color and brilliant lighting inside the bedroom [Design: Jeffers Design Group]
Four poster bed and pastel purple backdrop blend modernity with Victorian elegance [Design: Andrew Howard Interior Design]
Bedroom combines modern style with Victorian touches [Design: Siemasko + Verbridge]

While there are occasions when the bedroom needs to embrace a single style, on other occasions, Victorian décor fits in perfectly with a soothing modern backdrop. What you need can vary from something as simple as a chair, dressing table and mirror with Victorian panache to a room where every furniture choice draws from that era gone by. What works in some rooms might simply fail to translate to other settings. So, try out different permutations before you find this elusive balance that works for your bedroom.

Bed skirt, antique chest and lighting usher in old world charm [Design: Treby Spanedda Interiors]
Clarance Chandelier adds traditional panache to the bedroom [From: Paul Craig Photography]
Modern Victorian bedroom in London [Design: Russell Taylor Architects]
Victorian charm meets Californian simplicity [Design: Studio S Squared Architecture]

Timeless Romanticism

And here are those opulent, regal and beautiful Victorian bedrooms that you see in period films, which Hollywood seems to be all too fond of! One instantly notices the Venetian plastered walls that add textural beauty and depth to most of these bedrooms, and it is often the bed that is the undoubted focal point with its custom design and additional drapery (we will dig into this deeper in the next section). The ceiling with hand-painted murals and motifs is another remarkable aspect of these bedrooms that leaves you spellbound.

Custom ceiling designs with ornate patterns are perfect for the Victorian bedroom [Design: Electronics Design Group]
Hand-painted bedroom ceiling with lovely decorative motif [Design: Kathryne Designs]

Replicating a setting like this can be costly, and add to it the vintage nightstands and seemingly royal wardrobes with intricate patterns and dazzling finishes, and it is evident that a full-blown Victorian-style bedroom in all its richness is not for everyone. But get it right and you suddenly feel like traveling back in time – a fun way to bring that fantasy alive!

Cozy Victorian bedroom filled with antique and vintage pieces [Design: Elizabeth Brosnan Hourihan Interiors]
Exquisite Victorian bedroom in a Tuscan home showcases a touch of romanticism [Design: Linda McCalla Interiors]
Wallpaper adds texture and visual warmth to the bedroom [Design: Hendel Homes]

Striking Bed and Drapery

You might not really be fond of Victorian style, but there definitely is one thing that every modern bedroom can learn from this era – the way that it turns the bed into the showstopper of the room. Many contemporary bedroom designs forget this, as they focus too much on décor and accessories that surround the bed. If four-poster beds are not your thing, then adding some drapery to give the bedroom Victorian overtones is a fine alternative. It does add a hint of majestic beauty and is perfect to bring out the princess in you!

Custom Victorian canopy design in the bedroom [Design: Anderson Custom Homes]
Awesome coffee table steals the show in this bedroom [Design: Edwin Pepper Interiors]
Feel like a princess in your bedroom [Design: Indivar Sivanathan]
Plush bed is the showstopper in this lovely bedroom [Design: Eagle Luxury Properties]
Style and finish of the couch matches that of the unique bed [From: VanBrouck & Associates / Andrea Robinson]
Wallpaper, rug and ornate details add another layer of luxury to the bedroom [Design: Allan Malouf Studio]

From Subtle to Sensational

Little details like bedding, pillows and the fabric you use in your bedroom can alter its vibe completely, and a hint of gold along with white is ideal for the modern-Victorian bedroom. Wallpaper is another great way of trying out a hint of this classic style, and if you are not happy with the result, changing the backdrop becomes a whole lot easier. There are times when a secretary desk or a cool, Victorian-era bench seem sufficient in a shabby chic or eclectic bedroom to give it a predominantly Victorian feel. Modest or grandiose or somewhere in between – it is your personality that defines this choice!

Opulent Victorian bedroom in pink [Design: Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design]
Elegant bedroom workspace with classic charm [Design: Jamie Laubhan-Oliver]
Choosing the right decor for a gorgeous Victorian bedroom [Design: My Bespoke Room]
Burton Ching secretary desk adds Victorian flair to the bedroom [Design: Cravotta Interiors]
Black and white wallpaper and red drapes for the bright bedroom [Design: Grace Home Design]
Stylish Victorian bedroom with decor from Restoration Hardware [Design: Lisa Escobar Design]
Neutral color scheme allows the light pastel hues to shine through [Design: VSP Interiors]


What would be in a Victorian bedroom?

A Victorian bedroom would typically feature ornate furniture, such as a canopy bed with a decorative headboard and footboard, dressers, wardrobes, and nightstands. Other common elements include heavy drapes or curtains, plush carpets or rugs, intricate wallpapers or wall coverings, upholstered chairs or chaises lounges, decorative mirrors, and elaborate lighting fixtures such as chandeliers or wall sconces. Also, a Victorian bedroom often incorporates decorative items like vases, figurines, and framed artwork.

What are the best colors for a Victorian bedroom?

A Victorian bedroom typically features rich, deep colors such as burgundy, deep green, navy blue, and dark brown. These colors create a sense of warmth and opulence that is characteristic of the Victorian era. Additionally, gold, bronze, and other metallic accents are commonly used to add a touch of luxury to the color scheme.

What does a Victorian bed look like?

A Victorian bed is often elaborate and ornately carved, featuring intricate details such as floral motifs, scrolls, and other decorative elements. Canopy beds were popular during the Victorian era, with fabric draped over the top and sides to create a sense of privacy and luxury. Headboards and footboards are typically tall and imposing, often with intricate carving or upholstery. Beds may also be adorned with decorative finials or posts within a modern-day Victorian bedroom.

What makes a room Victorian?

Several features contribute to making a room Victorian. These include architectural details such as elaborate moldings, cornices, and ceiling roses. Additionally, Victorian rooms often feature decorative elements such as wallpaper with intricate patterns, wainscoting or dado rails, and decorative plasterwork on walls and ceilings. Furnishings are typically ornate and often include pieces with curved lines, tufted upholstery, and decorative carving. Overall, a Victorian room evokes a sense of luxury, opulence, and attention to detail characteristic of the Victorian era.

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