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20 Eye-Catching Under Stairs Wine Storage Ideas

Combining your love for design and wine can be both a hard and demanding task that puts a strain on the available space and budget. For most homeowners, a dedicated wine cellar seems like a distant dream because they simply cannot afford to give up that kind of space in an already modest home. But with a hint of creativity, some help from ingenious architects and an out-of-the-box design, almost anyone can proudly store and display their intoxicating wine collection. Today, we turn to the space under the staircase, as it plays host to some of the best wine storage units.

Sparkly Contemporary Designs

The first complaint that comes to mind when we talk about nifty little wine storage spaces is that these conditions are less than ideal, and that is absolutely true. But not all of us are rich enough to be a connoisseur taking a sip out of the very best! Many of the under stairs wine storage units on display today probably serve better as a lovely wine display that would also house some of your less expensive wine. A combination of the perfect wine cooler for the pricey, high-end wine coupled with some open cabinets under the staircase that create a lovely display offers the best of both worlds.

Gorgeous under staircase wine storage idea [Design: Bruno Arquitetura]
Stunning wine cellar under the staircase with limestone floor [Design: Kevin B Howard Architects]
Creative custom wine rack can enliven the space under the stairs [From: Jeri Koegel Photography]

But do not write off the under stairs wine cellar all too quickly, as some of the contemporary delights on display below also offer top-notch protection from heat and light while making sure that the custom-craft glass walls create an elegant, curated visual. While some sacrifice perfect storage conditions for aesthetics, others try to find the elusive balance between both form and function!

Awesome contemporary wine cellar under the sleek staircase [From: Wakefield Construction / First Impressions Photography]
Expansive wine cellar under the staircase [From: Meridith Baer Home]
Glass walls turn the space under the stairs into a lovely wine storage area [Design: Pinnacle Mountain Homes]
Walnut veneer wine boxes inside the contemporary wine cellar [Design: Urban Cape]

Showcase Your Own Style!

So, is it possible to build that ideal, temperature-controlled wine cellar under the staircase to tuck away your cherished wine collection? Absolutely, as the stunning beach-style wine cellar and all-glass unit under the curvy staircase below showcase. Explore beyond the modern designs for an exceptional wine cellar that not only adds texture, style and intrigue to your home, but also makes the most of the awkward nook under the staircase. A rustic, old-world-inspired cellar or a quirky industrial wine storage unit might make better use of the space than a more rigid, contemporary alternative.

Beautiful temperature controlled wine room under the stairs [Design: Brandon Architects]
Fabulous wine cellar under the curvy staircase [Design: JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction]
Industrial wine cellar under stairs with crates and distressed barn doors [Design: Beyond Beige Interior Design]
Unique Mediterranean wine cellar with rustic charm [Design: Eldorado Stone]
Wine storage turns into an eye-catching display [Design: DOWN to Earth Architects]
Turn the space under the stairs into a lovely home bar [From: Central Meridian Photography]

Small Wine Storage Ideas

At the end of the day, transforming that forgotten nook under the staircase into a wine storage option is definitely all about the maximization of available resources. Do not fret too much if you cannot have one of the spectacularly dramatic wine cellars featured above along with perfect storage conditions. Frugal options that are more than adequate for value buys could involve something as simple as a few steel hangers or some old, upcycled crates coupled with lovely lighting. Beautiful modern wine racks come in a variety of forms, and you can even turn that forgotten corner under the small stairway into an unassuming, relaxing hangout with a chair, a small side table and a wine rack bought from the likes of IKEA!

Simple wine storage idea for the small space under the modern staircase [Design: Nash Baker Architects]
Cool wet bar and wine storage area under the staircase [Design: Holiday Kitchens]
Create your own, cozy wine tasting area! [Design: Rossington Architecture]

The floor-to-ceiling glass room idea for the small wine cellar under the stairs is a concept that seems most popular because of its fashionable, contemporary appeal. Closet cellars offer another cool customized idea that combines ergonomics with minimal aesthetics and works even in the tiniest of niches. Whether you prefer the ‘wall of wine’ approach or the more intricate, suave approach, there is no doubting the fact that a wine cellar under the stairs is the perfect option for those looking to make the most of every inch on offer.

Custom-built cooler with LED lighting for the wine cellar under stairs [Design: Bill Cook Luxury Homes]
Minimal approach to wine storage in the contemporary home [Design: Moon Design + Build]
Wine rack for the more modest wine collection [Design: Vanessa De Vargas / Photography: Jeri Koegel]
Hand-made custom wine cabinet for the modern LA home [Design: Vinotemp Wine Cellars]

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