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This Beautiful Leather Shop in Japan is also a place to Relax and Interact

A leather shop is not generally a place that you think about when you want to have a relaxing conversation and understandably so. But this gorgeous leather shop in blue in the city of Osaka, Japan will change that perception pretty quickly as its owner (who also happens to be a write and a columnist) decided that he wanted a place where customers could truly fall in love with all things leather even as they discuss the latest design trends. Sunawachi designed by Hidenori Tsuboi Architects was created to present an atmosphere where the ambiance is both cheerful and engaging.

Central island of the shop in deep blue with a wooden countertop

The interior of the shop is special with the old being combined with the new in an effortless manner. Exposed concrete surfaces are interlaced with blue areas and a central island that offers maple storage. The island design is definitely an inspiration for all those who want to create a more ergonomic and pleasant crafts room. With pegboard wall on one side and a series of open shelves and closed cabinets on the other, there is no shortage of storage options in here. A perfect place to learn and fall in love with all things leather! [From: Daisuke Shima]

Blue exterior and street facade of leather shop in Osaka, Japan
Beautiful revamped interior of Sunawachi leather shop in Japan
Exposed concrete walls give the interior of the shop a modern industrial appeal
Leather shop with open shelves coupled with wooden cabinets feels spacious despite ample storage opportunities
Lighting coupled with natural illumination inside the leather shop

Just come here for drink a cup of coffee”, as the owner said, this space is not only for the shopping, but also we can chatting each customer’s wishes and enjoy talking about leathers in relax, so that I aimed to create a space where people can interact with each other instead of just like “stores and customers” by eliminating the gaps as much as possible and making the writing space and workshop an open place on purpose…

Pegboard wall at the entrance of the shop offers space to hang your hats and coats
Interior of the leather shop combines modern blue finishes with wood and exposed concrete
Design of modern workshop where leather craftsmen do much more than just make purses
Floor plan of Sunawachi leather shop in Japan with a writer’s studio next to it

Sherry Nothingam

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