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5 Top Living Room Trends that are a Must-Try in the New Year

When it comes to renovations and makeovers with changing trends and time, the kitchen is the space that often heads the pack. Yet, it is the living room that creates the biggest impact, and a small change in the living area has a ripple effect of sorts across the house. This is even more profound in the open-plan setting where a modest change of color or a new décor piece causes homeowners to revamp their dining space and kitchen as well. Like each year before it, 2022 brings a unique set of living room decorating trends that promise to revitalize your home even as they draw from the most popular living room designs of the previous years.

Find ways to bring the view into your living room [From: Meredith Owen Interiors]

We have always talked about a certain ‘organic element’ in the world of design and decorating trends, with each season and year’s best being influenced by the previous. But there are also a few chart-toppers that move away from the past and usher in a whole new vibe. From the universally acknowledged love for green to a turn towards more ‘natural’ furniture pieces, this is your living room trend forecast for the next 12 months –

Curvy Furniture and Softer Lines

If you are already noticing that many home inspirations around you feature sofas, coffee tables and side tables with curvy designs and rounded edges, it is barely a coincidence. This love for a ‘curvilinear design’ is on the up and up. Coupled with the growing use of wood and rattan furniture, the direction in living rooms seems to be heading towards less artificial and more comfortable in general.

Move away from simple, straight lines in the modern living room [From: Dane Austin interior design]
Decor with curves and rounded edges is set to take over living rooms

Adaptable Living Spaces

This love for a more nature-centric life has been heightened by a global pandemic that has forced us to rethink our homes and adapt to what is now famously being dubbed as the ‘new normal’. Spending more time indoors has led to living rooms that are healthier, freshers and invite in more natural light. Indoor plants are a must-have to improve air quality and bring an organic element to the setting while additions like the corner workspace, kid’s play area and a bookshelf with reading nook are all now an integral part of the living room. In short, the living room of 2022 multi-tasks while improving your quality of life.

Make your living room a more productive space with a small work area
Living rooms that are more adaptable make life at home easier

Bringing Deck and Garden Indoors

Not spending enough time outside? That is the reason why the idea of ushering the outdoors inside is becoming so much popular in the last couple of years. Sliding glass doors, bi-folding doors and floor-to-ceiling glass windows now connect decks, gardens and backyards to the open-plan living. This is a trend that will become even more prominent this year with the best ideas finding ways to bring more of the world around them into the living room.

Living rooms that open up to the outdoors are the trend in 2022 [From: Buro Namas]
Relaxing and light-filled living room brings the outside indoors gleefully [From: Billy Beson Company]
Healthier and more cheerful living rooms with ample natural light are a hot trend

Find Refuge in Green

You must have heard it already, but just in case you missed it, green is the color of the year for many and you can expect its dominant presence in the best living spaces of the year as well. This would definitely be a welcome change from the past with blue, white, gray and pops of yellow and red being the commonly use hues in living areas. Make way for a bit of green and start small with accents. If you love the look, then a light green backdrop for the living room is bound to be a chic choice this year that you can commit to.

Delightful use of light green in the relaxing beach style living room [From: Ashley Interiors]
Green – You just cannot get away from the color of the year!
Bookshelf steals the spotlight in this beautiful green living room

Glass with a Difference

Yes, glass windows and doors are all obviously a big part of the changing living room dynamics and its more open look. But in 2022, try out glass blocks! An emerging trend that we believe will spread its wings in the next few months, glass blocks are a great and fun alternative to the traditional glass wall. From delineating space to creating a whole new dynamic indoors with filtered light, these delights work wonders in more ways than one.

Gorgeous use of glass blocks to usher in filtered natural light [From: sibling architecture]
Inventive and open living room where glass makes plenty of impact! [From: The Refined Group]
Beautiful living room in green with tinted glass block windows

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