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40 Stunning Sliding Glass Door Designs For The Dynamic Modern Home

A room with a view is what every contemporary home owner craves for. Whether it is a view of the sun setting on the city skyline or waves constantly kissing the beach in a distance, thriving woodlands or a tranquil lake, houses with unabated views are incredibly popular. With exteriors now becoming as essential as the interiors, extravagant use of glass has become an inherent part of contemporary architecture.

Beautifully-lit contemporary home with sliding glass doors

by Knowles PS

While many residences employ large floor-to-ceiling glass windows so as to get the best possible view, sliding glass doors take that experience a step further. Some can act as a transparent partition between your bedroom and the deck space outside. Other translucent ones can be used between two rooms to ensure privacy when necessary. Delve in to take a look at the wide variety of sliding glass door designs and what they have to offer —

Stunning modern home with stylish sliding glass doors

by Tracy Stone AIA

Contemporary bedroom in neutral tones sports sliding glass doors

by Maydan Architects Inc

Cool sliding doors between living space and patio with modern fireplace
Eclectic living and dining space with sliding glass doors that offer a lake view

by Birdseye Design

Compact bathroom connected to the bedroom is concealed using translucent sliding glass doors
Closet-styled frosted glass doors to tuck away home office space

by John Lum Architecture

Elegant dining area concealed by sliding glass doors in wooden frame
Ergonomic and organized contemporary kitchen with translucent sliding doors

by Benning Design Associates

Exotic looking pool house employs sliding glass doors as walls

by LDa Architecture & Interiors

Transparently Brilliant

The most attractive aspect of sliding glass doors is the aesthetic appeal. The use of sliding doors fits in perfectly with the principles of current architectural trends. Their sparkling surface makes for a fine addition in most homes that use a semi-minimalist or even minimalist theme. Their transparent nature obviously means that they can bring in the scenery outside and turn it into a live and ever-changing canvas for your interiors.

Contemporary living room with sliding glass doors offers a spectacular view outside
Bedroom with sliding glass doors offers privacy when needed

by Andre Kikoski Architect

Classic interiors that also employ sliding glass doors to accentuate their beauty

by Don F. Wong

Sliding glass doors bring along with them a sense of excitement and joy that comes with being unconstrained. It is all about offering protection without taking away freedom to enjoy the countless sights and sounds outside.

Exquisite modern home with sliding glass doors that offer an equally appealing view

by Dennis Mayer

Elaborate home office with sliding glass doors that tuck away into the wall

by Harrell Remodeling

Four Panel sliding glass door in with square grids creates a timeless look

by Alco Products Inc

Sliding glass doors providing views of sunrise and the trees
Frosted glass sliding doors separate the contemporary bedroom from the sleek bathroom

by At-Six Architecture

Gorgeous beach house with sliding glass doors for ample views

by Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects LLP

Home work area with adequate privacy thanks to sliding glass doors

by Sarah Jeffeys Design

Blurring the Borders

Depending on where and how you use the sliding glass doors, one can easily change the perception of physical borders. This is particularly useful in residences where different seasons bring along with them a drastic change in weather. Glass sliding doors can keep out the elements of a harsh winter while still allowing you to enjoy the gentle warmth and glowing allure of the early morning sun. When mild summers or beautiful spring kick in, you can obviously slide open the doors to enjoy the lovely conditions.

Custom sliding glass doors for an unabated view of the world outside
Sliding glass doors open up leading into a stunning and soothing patio

by GT Design

Warm and soothing interiors look bright and lovely thanks to the sliding glass doors

by John Maniscalco Architecture

This convenient option though is not just relegated to walls that separate the indoors from the world outside. Placing them between different rooms can help create smaller spaces that can later be used as one large area by just sliding the doors open. A wonderful way to block out the noise while still staying in visual touch!

Large sliding glass doors offer a view of the patio

by Feldman Architecture

Kitchen and dining area with a view thanks to sliding glass doors

by Nick Noyes Architecture

Huge sliding glass doors within a wooden frame

by Arcanum Architecture

Relaxing family room opens up into the balcony through the sliding glass doors

by Design Line Construction

Rich interiors sport a curved sofa and beautiful drapes along with sliding glass doors in the backdrop

by Yaniv Eitan

Seating area separated from the home using sliding glass doors

by Phantom Screens

Wine cellar and a small kitchen connected visually using sliding glass doors

Wide Openings that Save Up On Space

One thing that we easily tend to overlook is the overall space that sliding glass doors end up saving. This makes them ideal not just for lavish bedrooms or elaborate penthouse living areas but also for daft little studio apartments that wish to save up on legroom. While traditional doors with hinges require plenty or area to be opened completely, sliding doors can simply disappear into a wall! There are various new versions of sliding doors that can be even stacked up neatly in the corner.

Flowing interiors complemented by a series of sliding glass doors

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Stylish dining area with sliding glass doors providing access to a small balcony

by Skyring Architects

Sliding glass doors with etched glass for the study space

by Jaque Bethke for PURE Design Environments

Sliding glass doors bring along with them a sense of ease, style and sophistication. Using them can help turn the boring old room that is poorly lit into a brilliant and vivid space that offers a fresh perspective!

Invite in the outdoors with stylish sliding glass door walls!
Semi-minimalist modern bedroom employing the sliding glass door

Photography by Lisa Petrole 

Separation with sliding glass doors and rail lighting for the bedroom

by Incorporated

Minimalist bedroom with translucent sliding glass walls

by LLB Architects

Playful living area with sliding glass doors

by Amoroso Design

Series of sliding glass doors offer ample ventilation when needed

by Ziger/Snead Architects

Sliding glass doors bring in freshness into this modern bedroom

by Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture

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