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25 Thanksgiving Crafts and Table Ideas for the Big Day Ahead!

We are just a couple of days away from Thanksgiving and yet because of the busy lifestyle that keeps us constantly on our toes, we barely have time to get things ready for the big day. So we constantly look for ways in which we can give our home a quick makeover without having to spend too much time on the transformation itself. Yes, buying a few quick decorative pieces works just fine, but adding your own personal touch with DIY additions and smart Thanksgiving table setting ideas makes the evening even more special. That is exactly why we have rounded up for you some of the best and the easiest Thanksgiving crafts and ideas around along with table settings that are bound to steal the spotlight!

Modern and elegant Thanksgiving table idea

This Thanksgiving move away from the mundane and make it a bit more special! Irrespective of the style and color scheme you are shooting for, this collection of Thanksgiving tables, crafts, wreaths and a whole lot more will ensure you have the perfect start to the long and lovely Holiday Season ahead – a time that we all look forward to with plenty of excitement each year. So, delve in, pick up the idea you feel is the easiest or the best and make your Thanksgiving even more memorable!

Perfect Thanksgiving Table

We start off where we absolutely need to and if you have time for pretty much nothing else, then make the Thanksgiving table the priority for the next few days. This is the heart and soul of the evening (for most of us at least) and the perfect Thanksgiving dinner needs a backdrop that matches its festive sumptuousness! Thanksgiving tables can embrace different styles; from the extravagant and opulent to the understated and the minimal. Pick a color this year and make it the central focus of the decorating theme. It can be anything from trendy and regal purple to white and gold. You can even go down a more rustic route or even take the Thanksgiving table outdoors for a magical evening.

Rustic Thanksgiving table idea with an overload of pumpkins
Simple and stylish Thanksgiving table setting idea [From: Martha Stewart]
Small and amazing Thanksgiving table setting idea for the rustic porch
Thanksgiving table embraces winter white even as fall is in full swing!
Thanksgiving table idea for those who love black!
Thanksgiving table idea with plenty of purple panache
Gorgeous fall-inspired dining table can be easily dressed up for Thanksgiving
Outdoor Thanksgiving dinner party can be truly magical at times!
Pumpkin themed tableware and serveware is perfect for the Thanksgiving table

Fall Themed Crafts

Thanksgiving need not be a time where it is purely DIY creations and décor pieces with ‘Thanksgiving vibe’ that take over. You can instead create a wonderful and festive backdrop with some of the fall-inspired DIY that you might have made much earlier by giving them a little upgrade. Take for instance the Pumpkin Votive Candle Holders or the scented pine cones; a couple of ideas that you can bring to life in barely an hour or so and without much work at all. They stay relevant even as winter sets in and you need not move them out by Friday. Think a fusion of fall and winter charm while making these smart DIYs

Make your own Corkboard Leaf Trivets
Pumpkin votive candle holders idea
Scented pine cone DIY Idea [From: eHow]
Thanksgiving centerpiece with seeded eucalyptus by Kate from Decoist
Fall Magnolia Pumpkin Idea for Thanksgiving [From: Lolly Jane]

Wreaths, Garlands and Sign Boards

No festive occasion is really complete without at least a wreath or a banner that tells everyone that the holiday is just around the corner. The Thanksgiving ‘Gobble Gobble’ wreath idea is something that puts a smile on everyone’s face while the colorful and vibrant Turkey Tulie wreath is just super-easy to craft. A large wooden signboard that says ‘be thankful’ feels even more impressive when you add neon lighting to it while garlands and banners with fall leaves fit into any Thanksgiving setting with ease.

DIY waxed fall leaves montage idea [From: Creative Homemaking]
Gorgeous Thanksgiving Gobble Gobble wreath idea
Awesome Turkey Tulle Wreath DIY
Be Thankful wooden board DIY
DIY falling leaves garland [From: House of Jade Interiors]

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

Finally, we get to some of the easiest Thanksgiving DIY ideas that you will ever find. These are so easy that you can actually ask your kids to get them done while you sink into preparing the perfect Thanksgiving feast and setting a gorgeous table. The DIY Thanksgiving placemat idea is one that will put a smile on the face of your guests while the Thankful tree is something that brings the family together and reminds us all of the things that we take for granted in our lives. Be it the DIY bottle cap turkey rings or the easy to cut, fall-inspired placemats, all these crafts add to your Thanksgiving celebrations in a functional fashion.

Smart DIY Thanksgiving placemat ideas
Thanksgiving Apple Turkey craft [From: iheartcraftythings]
Thanksgiving Table Top Thankful Tree Idea [From: Martha Stewart]
Colorful Thanksgiving kids’ turkey craft
DIY bottle cap turkey napkin rings [From: The Country Chic Cottage]

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