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From Place Settings to Serveware: Top Finds for the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

One of our first memories of Thanksgiving is undoubtedly centered round the Thanksgiving dinner. It has its pleasant moments, its awkward ones and one that are plain forgettable. Yet as years pass on, the tradition becomes more important and we grow to love even the awkward silences and accept the boring with the good. And at the heart of every great Thanksgiving celebration is the Thanksgiving table – an entity that demands plenty of attention and care. Even if you plan to invite just a couple of friends and family members, you eventually end up doing the whole gig in the best way possible because the occasion is such.

Large pumpkin bowls perfectly fit into the Thanksgiving narrative

So, why not make it more special with the best seasonal finds for the Thanksgiving table? From tablecloth and serveware to place settings and a whole lot more, today’s post is dedicated to the latest finds that help shape the trendiest Thanksgiving table. With some you might love the table setting and overall look, on other occasions it could be the specific plate or décor piece you adore. Take you pick and create your own perfect Thanksgiving table –

Trendy Swoon-Worthy Serveware

We start off with a Thanksgiving table idea from Anthropologie that involves some of its best pieces ranging from the Camellia Tablecloth and Atelier Flatware to Ambrose wine Glasses and Glenna Serveware. It is barely a surprise then that the table looks as beautiful and amazing as the one showcase below. You can obviously mix and match these lovely serveware finds with your own collection at home to fashion a fabulous Thanksgiving table.

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Classy and stylish Thanksgiving table idea

Next on list is the Textured Serveware from Westelm that seems contemporary, classy and fit or every occasion. This is one of those collections that can be used for any festive celebration and looks both trendy and sophisticated. You can let other elements like the candle holders and centerpiece bring in the seasonal flavor while the white serve provides a riveting, blank canvas. The white serving set from CB2 also falls into this curated category while the striking Pumpkin serving bowls from Crate & Barrel are definitely all about Thanksgiving and fall at its vibrant best.

Textured serving bowls for the festive dining table
Thanksgiving table set using finds from Anthropologie
White serving set for the fall dining table is both modern and timeless
Pumpkin serving bowls steal the show on this Thanksgiving table

Embracing Black and Blue!

Yes, Thanksgiving in particular and fall in general is all about orange, orange and more orange. But then, how would your Thanksgiving table be special if you just went with the mundane flow? This is precisely why we suggest you draw some inspiration from the stunning blue Thanksgiving tables below and create one in a shade of violet of blue that you love! The gorgeous Thanksgiving table in serene blue and indigo with a leafy tablecloth is from Martha Stewart while the last table in this section has been carefully put together in style with serveware from Anthropologie. Both look equally enchanting!

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Stunning Thanksgiving table with hints of black

Black might not seem like a great color for the Thanksgiving table, but do it right and it is bound to trump all else. Black exudes sophistication, class and feels all too modern even when sitting next to a rustic table! Sometimes all you need is hints of black while Eye Swoon take it a step further with an overload of the dark and dashing.

Thanksgiving table idea for those who love shades of blue!
Black is also a great color for the Thanksgiving table as well
Modern rustic Thanksgiving table idea

Bring Pattern to the Thanksgiving Table

We finish today’s series with tree Thanksgiving must-haves that you simply cannot miss; yup, we saved the best for the last! The Gilded Botany Dinner Plate that you see below makes for a sparkling addition to any Thanksgiving dinner table and seems to imbibe the freshness of spring along with the leafy charm of fall. You can also get bowls and mugs in matching pattern to complete the set and you will definitely not regret splurging on these masterfully crafted serveware pieces.

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Gilded Botany Dinner Plate

The Mudcloth Table Runner in unique in more ways than one and we will let its makes tell you more about it –

Rich in history with strong cultural ties, mudcloth table runner brings a century-old art form to the table. In a time-sensitive process, artisans bathe cotton in natural dyes made from tree leaves, dry the cotton in the sun, then handpaint it with traditional geometric motifs using fermented river mud. Strips are handloomed and whipstitched together to form a cloth runner.

Mudcloth African table runner brings handpainted African charm to the Thanksgiving table

What needs to be said about the Embossed Turkey Dinner Plate… It offers exactly what its name promises, making it a natural fit on any Thanksgiving table irrespective of style and color scheme that you have picked. A perfect way to complete the amazing Thanksgiving table!

Embossed Turkey Dinner Plate along with a sparkling serving tray

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