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Hip Teen Bedroom Styles that Wow with an Edgy Modern Vibe

Decorating our home and redecorating it once in a while is a hard task indeed for most of us. The task becomes even trickier once you throw children into the mix and the many things that they demand when it comes to decorating the kids’ room. But the hassle feels much, much more complicated as you plan for the teen bedroom. It can be an absolute nightmare at times and it goes without saying that at some point you will have to relinquish control almost totally! Until you get to that stage, it does make plenty of sense if you settle on a style for the teen bedroom – one that is acceptable for both you and your constantly rebelling teen at home.

Gorgeous contemporary teen bedroom with painted teal ceiling feels just picture-perfect and relaxing [From: Tunde Décor]

Choosing the teen bedroom style is the first and most important step that untangles everything else and makes the decorating choices far simpler. While there are as many teen bedroom styles out there as adult bedrooms, few definitely feel far more captivating and trendy. Today we take a look at the coolest teen bedroom styles and hopefully, we can give you some great ideas that make your life a whole lot easier. Step in and discover the best.

Go Bold with Industrial

The last two decades have seen industrial style top the trends chart in almost every room of the house and the teen bedroom is no exception. In the teen bedroom, the exposed brick walls, metallic elements, a whole lot of gray and smart industrial lighting bring a touch of edginess even while keeping the contemporary overtones intact. Industrial bedrooms are functional, can be space-savvy without sacrificing aesthetics and you will not have to worry too much about constantly keeping the room super-organized. It is a defiant theme that is perfect for the defiant teen!

Colorful graffiti wall makes the biggest impact in this edgy teen bedroom [From: Rochelle Cote Interior Design]
Modern industrial teen bedroom beautifully combines form with function [From: hausstatter interior design]
Smart and space-savvy industrial bedroom for the teen at your home!
Snazzy industrial style teen bedroom with gray concrete walls and fabulous industrial lighting [From: Norman Design Group]
Brick walls are a trendy choice for the modern industrial teen bedroom

Creative and Contemporary

Choosing a contemporary style for the teen bedroom does not mean it has to be boring with a neutral backdrop and a few accent colors added to the mix. A smart bookshelf in the corner, painted ceiling that adds color to the space, a custom mural backdrop or a workstation with a difference are all elements that can add that something ‘different’ to the contemporary teen bedroom. Of course, as the occupant of the room takes over, they will add their own custom touches to give the room a unique personality.

Urbane teen bedroom looks as good as any adult bedroom out there [From: Sarah Crowley]
Wooden niche for the bed bring additional storage to this sophisticated teen bedroom [from: Vlogovich]
Bluish-gray paint for the lower half of the walls adds something different to this cool teen room [From: Laura U Interior Design]
Neon lights add dazzle and class to this contemporary bedroom with a hint of shabby-chic charm [From: Anthony W Design] –
Neutral backdrop, custom wall art and accents in red make a splash in this trendy teen bedroom [From: Hodgson Design Associates]

Scandinavian Minimalism

The influence of Scandinavian design on modern homes is undeniable and that seems to be only growing with time. Scandinavian design is all about light and bright interiors, plenty of natural light, the lovely presence of wood and a backdrop that incorporates minimalism without going overboard in that direction. It is also a style where other influences can be added to the mix without moving away from the core style. A bit of shabby chic charm in the girls’ bedroom or a hint of industrial flair in the boys’ bedroom with Scandinavian style backdrop still makes plenty of design sense. Muted colors and a touch of greenery complete these spaces and help create teen bedrooms that feel like they are already ready to transition into the adult world.

Add a bit of black magic to the space-savvy teen bedroom [From: Jours & Nuits]
Casual and eye-catching lighting fixtures for the breezy teen room with Scandinavian style
Elevated wooden platform in the bedroom gives the space a casual elegant appeal [From: Susanna Cots]
Flowery wallpaper in light pink is just perfect for the teen girl bedroom

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