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Scandinavian Style Contemporary Cabins Combine Awesome Views with Modernity

A retreat on the island that holds a couple of self-sufficient cabins while surrounding you with the rugged charm and untamed beauty of Finnish archipelago, Project Ö sits on the edge of a 5-acre island. Nestles within the confines of the Finnish Archipelago National Park, the gorgeous twin cabins offer guests everything that they could ask for in this remote and exquisite location. Designed by Aleksi Hautamäki and Milla Selkimäki of Bond Creative Agency, it is Scandinavian style that shapes these cabins with wooden exterior and a gabled roof clad in black.

Dark roofs of the cabin stand in contrast to the light woodsy tone of the cabin itself

The design of the cabin creates long, narrow and open living areas with the kitchen, dining area and living space next to one another. Large windows coupled with floor-to-ceiling glass doors and other smart openings bring in ample natural light and ample ventilation. In the living area, the entertaining space sits at one end of the room while on the other side you have the sleeping areas of kids’. A series of indoor and outdoor spaces intertwined with one another create a smart living area where nature is always welcome indoors.

Dashing black shelves with modern ergonomics create efficient kitchen inside the cabin
Fabulous modern cabins on Finnish Island with smart design and lovely views
Garage at the cabin complete with everything one could ask for!
Steps leading to the deck along with a great outdoor dining area on the edge of water

In the kitchen, matter black shelves and cabinets anchor the space while wood brings warmth to the minimal and elegant cabin interior. Solar power, water-recycling systems and clever heating and cooling ideas create an eco-sensitive and functional home that adapts itself to changing seasons and needs. [Photography: Archmospheres]

Traditional Scandinavian design coupled with modern functionality to create cool Finnish Island cabins
View of the landscape around the cabins adds to its overall appeal
Wood, custom black finishes and smart functionality create cozy cabin interior
Black accents and cabinets through out the cabin anchor it and provide visual contrast
Contemporary cabins on Finnish island with fabulous natural views all around

Sherry Nothingam

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