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Efficient and Sustainable Dwelling on Wheels: Tiny, Off-Grid Living

Off-grid living is increasingly becoming popular among homeowners who are looking to escape the constant urban rush. It also offers a safe and sustainable refuge that allows you to maximize space and resources with ease. For some, tiny cabins are perfect second homes. Others use them as their primary dwelling units. Then there are those who use these smart sheds as backyard escapes and smart home offices. The latest in this series from Modern Shed is the DW (Dwelling on Wheels) – a brilliant and innovative little cabin on wheels equipped to take you off-grid in absolutely no time.

Light gray metal siding covers the cabin exterior

Despite being just 220-square feet in size, the interior of DW packs quite a punch. On the outside, an envelope of standing-seam metal siding covers the cabin while beautiful cedar wood takes over on the inside. A floor-to-ceiling glass wall and sliding doors connect the cabin with the outdoors even while ensuring that the interior feels a lot more spacious than it really is. A small sitting area with fireplace in the corner serves as the living area with an L-shaped kitchen in the corner and bunk beds that easily accommodate 3 people.

Cedar and metal exterior of the tiny cabin on wheels
Custom cabin on wheels is both sustainable and space-savvy
Dwelling on Wheels offers the perfect, off-grid escape that takes you away from urban rush
Series of glass walls and windows open up the cabin to the outdoors
Solar panels power the small, off-grid cabin on wheels
Sustainable and green cabin on wheels that offers just 20-square meters of living space

It is birch-faced plywood that covers most of the kitchen and with solar panels on the roof powering the cabin, there is very little dependence (if any) on conventional power in here. Two electric wall heaters and a small bathroom complete this tiny cabin on wheels.

Bunk beds inside the cabin with queen bed for two and a single bed above
Compact and space-savvy interior of the small cabin on wheels
Fireplace in the corner of the tiny cabin sitting area
Sitting area and small kitchen inside the cabin that is draped in plywood
Small cabin on wheels can fit into a modest backyard with ease
Space-savvy and stylish kitchen of the DW with plenty of storage space

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