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Tiny 100 Sq Ft Wood Cabin on Galiano Island Enthralls with Spectacular Views

An island retreat is one that we all dream about. It is an escape that lets you move away from your busy urban life and take shelter in nature as one enjoys the many sights and sounds of coastal life. Promising all that and a whole lot more is this fabulous cabin on Galiano Island, Canada. This vacation home sits on a sloped lot surrounded by woods and has a built area of no more than just 100 square feet. Despite its limited construction space, it is the landscape around the tiny home that makes the biggest impact and also gives the interior a more spacious visual appeal. Designed by Trim Studio, the tiny cabin is one that leaves you charmed with its unassuming simplicity.

Gray and wood exterior of the cabin feels refreshing and modern

Inside, you find the living area and the kitchen on the lower level with the mezzanine level bedroom above. This keeps the floor plan uncomplicated with a wood and white color scheme shaping the backdrop. In the kitchen, it is cabinets and appliances with matte black finish and wooden countertops that make the biggest impact while a skylight brings in ample natural light. Neatly placed recessed lights illuminate the lower level with a spacious deck extending the interior into the landscape.

Small vacation cabin on Galiano Island is the perfect family retreat that takes you away from busy urban life
Tiny kitchen and living area of the small home on Galiano Island
Kitchen inside the small island home with dark island, stainless steel appliances and wooden countertops
Attic bedroom of the tiny cabin home with skylight above that brings in ample natural light

Gray and wood shape both the interior and exterior of the home and large glass windows connect the interior with the scenery outside. Secluded, space-savvy and one-of-a-kind, this is an island escape unlike most others! [Photography: Jarusha Brown]

Outdoor shower area at the cabin in woods with distant views
Fabulous view of the sea and the distant landscape from the lovely deck of the Cabin on Galiano Island
String lighting gorgeously illuminates the small deck that overlooks distant sea and the forest all around
Wonderful forest area and the deck in the distance bring timeless charm to the beautiful island cabin

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