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Stunning Luxury Chalet in French Alps Promises a Holiday you Deserve!

We understand that not everyone is keen on stepping outside for a long overdue holiday just yet. Many of us are still worried about Covid-19 spreading a second time and his has seen tourists across the world take a safer route of just staying put for Holidays 2020. Yet, there are also other who are more than happy to once again step out and ensure that the Holiday Season ahead and late winter feels as normal as always. And if you are one of those adventurous souls, then Chalet Le Rocher in Val d’Isère offers an unforgettable and lavish refuge away from the constant hustle and bustle.

Beautiful and luxurious Chalet Le Rocher in the French Alps treats you to some of the best ski slopes on the planet

This classic alpine chalet in stone and wood sits in the iconic ski resort of Val d’Isère and this promises amazing, snow-clad slopes that are just perfect for skiing enthusiasts. With mesmerizing Alps in the backdrop, snow all around and cozy luxury indoors that pampers you endlessly, a stay here this Holiday Season is bound to lift your sagging spirits in absolutely no time. The 7 spacious bedrooms of the Chalet can easily accommodate 14 guests and a second floor living area with vaulted ceilings and amazing decor anchors your experience here.

Second level living area with vaulted ceiling and luxurious modern decor
Cozy couches, cowhide rugs and lovely chandeliers create a sense of luxury inside this chalet living room
Dining space of the luxurious chalet with large wooden dining table and a fabulous credenza in the backdrop
Classic chalet vibe is coupled with modern comfort at the brilliant alpine chalet
Discover the many beautiful bedroom at the Chalet Le Rocher
Explore your music talent with the piano at the chalet!

Features like the hot tub on the balcony, an indoor pool, curated private bar and world class dining facilities turn a stay at the chalet into a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Add to this the kids’ playroom, TV room, tiny chalet-styled steam room and cinema room and you have the perfect blend of an idyllic escape and contemporary comfort!

Bathroom and bedroom at the Chalet Le Rocher in Val d'Isere
Bathroom and bedroom at the Chalet Le Rocher in Val d’Isere
Cozy bathroom of the luxury chalet with a bathtub that keeps you warm and fresh
Natural rock becomes a part of the bathroom at this gorgeous alpine chalet
One of the lavish seven bedrooms at the fabulous French chalet
Enjoy the snow outside even as you take a dip inside the indoor pool
Wooden walls, doors and ceiling beams add warmth to the indoor swimming pool
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