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Summer Kitchen Trends: 30 Ideas and Inspirations for a Cheerful Makeover

There are trends that fade away and reappear once in a while. Then there are those that last beyond a season or two and last for a generation. With summer here, many of us yearn for a quick kitchen makeover that gives it a breezier, refreshing vibe with summery charm. There are plenty of ways in which you can give a modern kitchen that much needed ‘summer flavor’, but the last few months have seen a few clear hot favorites emerged, making a big impact in homes across the planet. From ideas which bring nature and landscape indoors to those that add a blast of vivacious color, this is a look at the top summer kitchen decorating trends for the year!

Smart contemporary kitchen in white with gray subway tiles [From: Roundhouse]

Modern kitchen is much more than a place to prepare meals. It is increasingly becoming the social hub of the kitchen where family members and friends find refuge after a long, hard day. The kitchen needs to multi-task while creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere where everyone feels at home. This year’s hottest kitchen decorating trends reflect this philosophy and create a space that is relevant well beyond 2018. Delve in and discover the idea that fits into your kitchen and is the one you love the most –

Organized Kitchen with Storage Options

While it might not feel like a ground breaking trend in itself, homeowners are undoubtedly moving towards kitchens with smarter storage options and those with greater variety and flexibility. It might be because of the limited space on offer or the fact that many of us are embracing clean, contemporary aesthetics that demand greater organization, but it is undeniable that a clutter-free kitchen is much brighter and feels far more ‘summery’ in its visual appeal. From corner drawers to open shelving and kitchen islands with cabinets and storage units, the options are endless!

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Find the right drawers for your small and cool kitchen
Gray corner shelves and cabinets for the smart modern kitchen
Kitchen island with shelving offers additional storage options in the modern home [From: Blakes of Sydney]
Open shelving for the small kitchen in white
Space-savvy shelves turned into pantry with ease! [From: Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry]
Combine open shelving with closed cabinets for the right balance in the small modern kitchen [From: Martins Camisuli Architects]

White and Wood Trend

If have missed it so far, then it is high time you take notice of this new color combination that is taking interiors by storm. Instead of combining bright colors with neutral white or light gray, it is wood that is taking center stage in kitchens across the globe. We have noticed this trend even in this year’s Milan Design Festival and experts feel that it will only increase in its influence in the years to come. Combining simplicity and serenity with warmth and textural contrast, the wood and white combination is a must-try this summer.

Light finishes of wood coupled with white in the contemporary kitchen
Reclaimed wood in chevron pattern adds uniqueness to this kitchen in white
Small and stylish kitchen in reclaimed wood and white
A balance between wood and white inside the brightly lit kitchen with wooden ceiling
Beautiful shabby chic kitchen with multiple wooden surfaces and a black and white floor
It is the kitchen island that brings woodsy charm to the space in white and light gray

Yellow, Turquoise and Freshness!

Yup, with every new season we are looking for ways in which we can alter the color scheme of the kitchen by changing the backdrop, accents or just a few smart decor pieces. For those trying to create a kitchen where every moment feels bright and cheerful all year long, two colors come to the rescue. Yellow with its radiant charm and turquoise with its tropical image are perfect for the summer-inspired kitchen. With subtle changes these colors will work well all year long and both the colors also cover a wide spectrum of styles with ease.

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Smart island brings color to this eclectic kitchen [From: Amity Worrel & Co]
Work with different shades of blue to create that summery vibe [From: Tobi Fairley Interior Design / Nancy Nolan]
Yellow and white kitchen works well in all seasons!
Contemporary kitchen with yellow cabinets and a gray backdrop [From: Aline Architecture]
Mediterranean style kitchen with loads of yellow
Modern tropical style kitchen with cabinets in turquoise [From: Toronto Interior Design Group – Yanic Simard]

A View to Admire

A lovely view is not something that is restricted to the living room or bedroom alone. With open plan living areas becoming the norm, even kitchens are blessed with great views these days. Make the most of the view outside, even if it is just the pool and the tiny deck and integrate it with the kitchen visually. Whether it is a window that frames the skyline of the city you live in, a small window above the kitchen counter that gives a glimpse of the garden outside or a dramatic coastline just outside that is connected with the kitchen using sliding glass doors; this summer make sure your kitchen extends beyond the four walls

Modern kitchen with city view
Open up the kitchen with smart use of windows
Sometimes a small window is all you need to bring in light
Window above the kitchen counter brings the pool and deck indoors!
Floor to ceiling glass walls bring the ocean indoors in this kitchen
Kitchen captures the view of the rocky coastline and waves in the distance

Back to Subway Tiles

Subway tiles have been making a mini comeback of sorts in the last year or two and while some love this 70’s and 80’s inspired trend, others still feel that they are just not here to stay. No matter which boat you wish to sail in, now is the time to try them out and find out the answer yourselves. With tiles in the kitchen, start out small before you commit to the style entirely.

Subway tiles on the wall coupled with hexagon tiles on the floor [From: SuzAnn Kletzien Design]
Traditional kitchen in white with subway tiled backsplash [From: Pickell Architecture]
Transitional kitchen in white with lovely subway tiled backsplash [From: Bonadies Architect / Jean Allsopp Photography]
Farmhouse kitchen in black and white with a modern vibe
Minimal, Scandinavian style kitchen in white with subway tile backsplash

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