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Upholstered with Urbane Panache: Trio of Cozy Contemporary Beds

Your bedroom is a safe haven that reflects both your style and personality. It is a space where you truly feel completely at home. A place to rest, recuperate and even share a few intimate moments, the bedroom is a space where you come to unwind without the fear of being judged. And at the heart of every great bedroom is unsurprisingly a bed that matches its theme and style! While homeowners often tend to direct an inordinate amount of attention on wall colors, designs, patterns, other bedroom décor and accessories, the bed is undoubtedly the showstopper that should be your first choice in the room.

Contemporary bed Kenobi with a luxurious tufted headboard

Modern beds do come in a wide range of forms and from the dashing and exotic four-poster bed that is a classic in tropical themed bedrooms to minimal beds with wooden frame, there are endless options to choose from. But for those who love elegant, unassuming and yet luxurious contemporary beds, we have a collection of three snazzy and sophisticated finds from Bonaldo that completely alter the appeal of any room they sit in. This is a trio that you just do not want to miss!

Sophistication of Leather

We always wondered how just draping a surface in leather brought such a sense of refinement to it, but it is absolutely true! Covered in leather and combining soft feminine touches with an air of masculinity, Cuff is a bed that does it all. Upholstered with Vintage Aniline leather, it is easy to see the charm of this smart bed and with age, it would seem even more beautiful and thanks to its natural patina. A balanced blend of contemporary minimalism and textural warmth, Cuff is as understated as it is apparent!

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Cool bed blends in with a variety of bedroom decorating styles
Cuff bed upholstered with Vintage Aniline leather
Leather gives the bed a polished, contemporary vibe
Closer look at Cuff from Bonaldo

White and Welcoming

With a fabric-covered headboard and edges that curve backwards ever so slightly, Kenobi is a bed that is subtly different from many others out there. It might not be obvious on first glimpse, but slowly you will start noticing the uniqueness of this Mauro Lipparini design and its white form lets it blend in with any color scheme you have going in the bedroom already. A tailored top-stitching and a custom storage compartment complete this latest bed design from Bonaldo.

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Fabric-covered headboard of the bed gives it a unique look
Slim and elegant bed designed by Mauro Lipparini
Closer look at the Kenobi bed

A Cocoon of Luxury

Another Mauro Lipparini design, Youniverse is a bed with no discernable corners thanks to the extra padding that has been used in headboard and in the bed frame. The angular headboard of Youniverse also creates a ‘cocoon effect’, which provides a comfortable and safe niche even in a large bedroom by creating a ‘room within a room’. You can obviously choose from a wide range of colors for the fabric finishes and Youniverse looks great in every finish.

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Smart modern bed with a headboard that oozes luxury
Thick padding of the headboard gives Youniverse an ultra-luxurious look
Cozy bed creates a comfortable cocoon effect
Non-rigid and soft frame of the bed sets it apart from the crowd

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