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Vibrant, Bright and Filled with Coastal Charm: Summer Cabana that Sizzles!

The idea of a lazy summer evening on the beach with the sun shining on your back and a lovely tan at the end of it all is an image that seems so very distant in the middle of winter chill. But those longing for the dreamy summer days can take some console from the fact that we are already into January and the warmer months are not too far away. (Depending on where you live, of course) Now is the time to plan for those cozier times and to get things ready and if you wish to get started, then the gorgeous Summer Cabana designed by Lauren Christine Henno offers ample inspiration!

Summer cabana in white with blue accents and a natural vibe
Summer cabana in white with blue accents and a natural vibe

Every little detail inside this relaxing, cheerful and inviting summer hangout is inspired by laid-back coastal and beach styles with white and blue taking over the entire setting. You can easily notice how a flood of natural light makes a big difference to the overall ambiance and gives the home its true meaning. Every space feels much larger than it really is with the living area, kitchen, dining room and bedrooms being engulfed in a world of white.

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Summer cabana bedroom in white with blue accents and decor all around
Accent pillows and decor bring blue to the white living room
Acrylic bar stools add modernity to the beach style kitchen
Blue, acrylic and white combine to create the perfect, relaxing cabana
Coastal accents bring uniqueness to the dining space in white

Accent pillows in blue, patterns like the starfish and posters that remind you sun, sand and surf make sure that this home feels ‘summery’ all year long irrespective of the weather and season outside. Acrylic bar stools and console tables along with bright, navy blue furniture in the bedroom create a balance between beach style and modernity that you just cannot miss. Plenty to learn from in here! [Photography: Alex Vertikoff]

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Coastal style bedroom in deep blue and white with lots of natural light
Entry with console table and twin table lamps along with lush green plant next to it
Girls’ bedroom in white and pink with coastal themed additions on the wall
Spacious and functional white kitchen with distinctive countertops

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