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Colorful Drapes that Showcase Best Trends of 2019: 30 Ideas and Inspirations

Often we tend to forget that it is the minor details inside our home that add up to create a beautiful setting. Our constant focus on the color of the walls, larger pieces of furniture and other design trends tends to take us away from these smaller additions that add plenty of functional and aesthetic value to a room. Drapes are one such detail, which give an interior that finished, polished look. Not mention the fact that they add another layer of privacy and allow you to regulate the ventilation indoors with ease. Many things might have changed in the decorating world, but the use of drapes has not and today we delve into the most popular colors for drapes in 2019 while exploring the latest ideas.

Spacious rustic bedroom with dark green curtains

Gone are the days when simple beige or cream curtains would do. Today’s homeowners are moving towards drapes that accentuate the color scheme and style of the room without seeming dull and ‘just another part of the backdrop’. Some colors you see here are perennially popular while others are tipped to make a big impact in the next 12 months. So, why wait?

Living Coral: Pantone’s Color of the Year

Pantone’s Color of the year for 2019, Living Coral inspirations can be hard to find for those who are just starting to explore the color. Adding drapes in this vibrant and fun-filled hue can bring instant brightness to a room and it is also a great way to try it out before you commit to it in a more extravagant fashion. Once you are happy with coral, bringing other accent additions with subtle changes in the tint can create a coherent and smart interior that feels cheerful at all times. This is a color that works best in modern, contemporary, coastal and beach style interiors.

Finding the right coral curtains for your contemporary living room
Spacious Mediterranean style dining room with drapes in coral and white [From: Claudio Santini]
Beautiful dark coral drapes for the modern bedroom in white [From: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design]
Bring home Pantone’s Color of the Year Living Coral with drapes and décor [From: Sara Tuttle Interiors]
Fabulous craftsman style bedroom in Chicago home with white and coral drapes [From: Canin Associates’ Architecture Studio]
Ombre style coupled with coral beauty in the living room

Blue: A Perennial Favorite

Someone once complained to us that pretty much every time we talk about colors and inspiration; there is some shade of blue that finds its way into the discussion. That is definitely not wrong and it is a feature that is bound to continue for a long time! Blue is arguably the most loved color when it comes to the decorating world. Its flexibility and ease make it such a big hit. Drapes in blue can either blend in with the already blue backdrop or stand out visually when used with white and light gray walls. There are no style constraints here blue drapes with right pattern go along with every style you can imagine.

Gorgeous blue and white beach style living room with a view that steals the spotlight [From: JMA Interior Design]
Midcentury modern bedroom with blue drapes and a backdrop in white [From: CHADOWS Design d’Intérieur]
Perfect drapes for the contemporary bedroom in white and gray [From: Solus]
Silken drapes add class and style to the traditional bedroom in neutral hues
Blue drapes add to the appeal of the spacious beach style bedroom [From: Carter Kay Interiors / Emily Followill]
Blue drapes along with pattern for the tropical style living room [From: Perrone Construction Custom Homes]

Vibrant and Beautiful Green

If there is one color that we feel would surprise everyone in the months ahead, then it is green. Homeowners’ desire for being close to nature once again has seen a spurt in both eco-friendly architecture and the use of green. Green drapes give you an easy option in this regard as you would not have to repaint an entire room or alter its style drastically. Heavy and dark green curtains are perfect for rustic, farmhouse, Mediterranean and traditional rooms white lighter shades of green agree with more modern spaces.

Exquisite drapes in green with a dose of blue as well
Repeat the color elsewhere in the room for a more curated look
White sheers combined with dark gray drapes in the traditional bedroom
Drapes can be used to delineate space with ease
Explore different shades of gray using drapes that can be easily changed when needed

White Sheer Curtains

Modern sheer drapes come in a wide variety of styles and colors, but one that is always popular is the classic white sheer. And it is not just an addition for doors and windows alone. As a way to divide rooms, delineate space and bring an air of whimsical charm to the four-poster bed, white sheer curtains are a hit everywhere. Yes, they might not be bright and loud, but couple these delicate delights with another layer of stoic curtains and you have a two-fold advantage!

Smart white sheer curtains with a hint of pink for the eclectic kids’ room [From: Jamie Keskin Design]
White sheer curtains bring balance between privacy and right lighting
White sheers for the modern dining room [From: Alexandra Naranjo Designs]
Beach style living room with white sheers that blend into the backdrop [From: Lauren Christine Henno]
Cheerful contemporary bedroom with white sheer curtains and ample natural light [From: J Design Group – Interior Designers Miami]
Modern living room with sheers that imbibe a bit of yellow to the setting

Still Staying with Gray

While gray is not showing any signs of fading out just yet, we do believe that the color is close to the end of its dream run that started nearly a decade ago. But gray drapes are still a bankable and trendy addition that will serve you well for the next few seasons. Depending on the style of the room and more importantly the amount of light it receives, you can choose between light and dark hues of gray. Be it as a polished accent feature or a smart backdrop that allows other accents to shine through, gray works well everytime.

Drapes add both functional and aesthetic value to this circular bedroom [From: Window Treats]
Light gray drapes for the living room in white [From: Karen Houghton Interiors]
Picking the right shade of gray for your sophisticated bedroom [From: Stacy Paulson Design]
Yellow band on gray drapes brings brightness to the entire bedroom [From: Toronto Interior Design Group Yanic Simard]
A more traditional approach to decorating with drapes in the home office
Bedroom in white with dark gray drapes [From: Joe Ginsberg]

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