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Striped Accent Chairs: 20 Ideas to Decorate with Style and Contrast

Stripes – they have been around forever now when it comes to home decorating and design. Some like the vertical stripes drapes usher in while others refer the horizontal stripes of a beautiful accent wall. They come in many different varieties – some are broad enough to cover large wall with just three or four lines while others are super slim and usher in a sense of futuristic sophistication. Then there are the classic black and white stripes – perfect for monochromatic setting and a great way to bring visual contrast. But today, we are taking a slightly different route with striped accent chairs.

Gorgeous black and white striped accent chairs make a big splash in this traditional living room of home in Austin [From: Mark Ashby Design]

Accent chairs are an easy way of adding that something different to an interior and doing so without moving too much around. Unlike accent walls, you would not have to struggle with painting the walls as well! Of course, the perfect accent chair is hard to find and you really cannot switch between them as easily as you do with accent pillows or drapes as they are far more expensive. But, the right striped accent chair can make a big difference; especially in the modern living room with neutral hues. So, we delve into the beautiful world of striped accent chairs and take a look at how homeowners have utilized these streaked wonders –

In the Living Space and Family Room

The striped accent chair is of particularly great value in the living room; even if it looks equally good in the dining space, bedroom or home office. In the living room, there are few accent pieces that sits at its core and deliver as much visual contrast and impact as the lovely striped accent chair. This is far more of an impressive addition than those accent pillows, colorful vases or the indoor plant in the corner when it comes to ushering in a ‘pattern-filled twist’ to the setting. It goes without saying that the more neutral the living space is, the bigger the impact of this striped accent hair.

Striped chairs with thick white and blue bands are just perfect for the modern beach style home [From: Marcel Page Photography]
Dashing striped ottomans coupled with chairs in the polished contemporary living area with sea views
Using a couple of striped chairs in the room can make a big difference visually [From: Larina Kase Interior Design]
Black and white striped chair for the modern eclectic living room that is full of bright colors [From: Sun Soul Style Interiors]

Of course, using more than one chair or combining them with a striped sofa is an idea for those willing to embraces the horizontal or vertical lines far more gleefully. With colorful zest, many striped accent chairs become instant focal points no matter where the sit. But you can also get those with a more understated presence and stripes in beige, brown, gray, black and white – ensuring the color palette is left completely undisturbed.

Interesting use of multiple stripes on the accent chair along with the rug give this contemporary living room a snazzy appeal [From: Ansh Interiors]
Large blue sectional along with striped accent chairs in blue and white for the stylish living space [From: Jeneration Interiors]
Gorgeous striped chairs in pink steal the show in this traditional family room [From: Giffin & Crane General Contractors]

Creating Contrast with Pattern

There are two approaches you can take when adding a striped chair to an interior. It can be either an accent chair that brings in new color along with the pattern that is inherent or can blend in with the color scheme of the room. For now, we will discuss chairs that usher in new hues and do so without ever seeming out of place. In the living room, striped chairs with colorful elegance can bring that ‘it’ factor to a largely neutral setting. Even with themes like eclectic and shabby chic, these striped chairs fit in perfectly while they are far more visually prominent in the modern space. The same decorating approach works in dining spaces and bedrooms too and creates even more of a contrast.

Beautiful beach style porch of San Diego home with bright blue couch and striped chairs in cream, blue and red [From: Warren Sheets Design]
Custom chair with striped fabric adds color and contrast to this contemporary nursery
Exquisite accent chairs with stripes in different shades of green
Multi-color striped accent chair is perfect for modern interiors with a neural backdrop [From: NIBA Designs]
Nifty orange striped accent chairs on wheels for the modern eclectic interior
Relaxing and pleasant coastal style living room with striped chairs in pink

Color Scheme and Style Choices

The other approach you can take with striped chairs is to pick those in colors that accentuate the hue already present in the room. If you have a bedroom in pink and white, then a striped chair in the same colors feels like a snazzy addition and yet blends in with the overall visual of the room. This is an approach that also looks great with certain styles more than others. For instance, in the coastal or beach style living space, striped chairs in white and blue feel far more ‘at home’ that with arguably any other style. Let the overall presence of the room (or the outdoor hangout) determine the type of striped chairs you need.

Blue and white striped accent chair is a popular choice that cuts across styles [From: J. Myers & Associates]
Glam New York living room combines different patterns without disturbing the blue and white color scheme [From: Staiano’s Furniture]
Lovely striped chairs in neutral colors blend in with the color scheme of the room [From: Martha O’Hara Interiors]
Stripes on the window covering complement the striped accent chair in pink and white beautifully [From: S. B. Long Interiors]
Stylish striped chairs for the modern dining room
Two striped accent chairs bring pattern to the blue and white dining room without disturbing its color scheme [From: Grace Hill Design]

Time to show your real stripes this summer!

Sherry Nothingam

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