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Monochrome Elegance: 30 Black and White Striped Rugs

In a vast selection of decorative elements we consider for decorating a particular room, a rug is perhaps the most defining one of all. It can be the subtle piece that blends in with the rest of the interior, only serving as soft cushioning for the cold floor, or it can be an eye-catching piece that stands out and may even steal the spotlight. In a way, a monochrome striped rug has the power to be both at the same time. The black and white color palette is elegant and calming, but the striped pattern cannot be overlooked or ignored by anyone who steps into the room. Let us take you on a journey that showcases the power of such a rug in many rooms of the house!

The Dynamic Bedroom

With the minimalist decor being on the uprise it’s sometimes hard to find pieces that would bless the room with some dynamic while still feeling simplistic and not over the top. A black and white striped rug does just that, using its color scheme to contribute to the serenity so needed in a bedroom and the striped design to freshen the interior!

A monochrome rug is not just for neutral bedrooms. Let this pastel bedroom be an example of how beautifully it can compliment a room in turquoise hues, adding an old-fashioned flair to the interior.

Black and white are those safe color tones that can easily be paired with countless other color hues, but there is no denying that they specifically bring something special out of red. This bedroom with a monochrome rug and bright red elements feels incredibly vivid!

A bright and open bedroom can really benefit from a striped black and white rug, as the pattern is just what the vast spaciousness needs in order to feel more welcoming.

A modern bedroom dressed up in gray shades is the perfect place for a striped rug that will practically blend in with the rest of the interior and add value to the modern style.

To avoid a dark bedroom becoming too monotone a striped rug can be added under the bed. It will subtly make use of white stripes and turn the bedroom into a friendlier space.

The striped design has been around for a very long time, as has the black and white color combination, so you can definitely make use of a monochrome striped rug to create a bedroom with a strong vintage appeal.

The sleek look of this modern bedroom takes our breath away! The simple decor radiates serenity and is even enhanced by the dynamic monochrome rug!

This big neutral bedroom turns the white bed into an obvious centerpiece that could almost overshadow other elements within the room if it wasn’t for the striped black and white rug stealing some of the attention for itself.

A spacious minimalist bedroom doesn’t need many elements to appear fulfilled. One simple monochrome rug is more than enough!

Monochrome Elegance in the Living Room

Nothing can quite match the elegance of a monochrome color palette. Even if it is surrounded by a whole room of colorful pieces, a black and white striped rug will remain the symbol of elegance and sophistication in any living room!

A bright living room is visibly balanced by the big monochrome striped rug extending through most of the living room, truly claiming the space and being the absolute focal point.

For a truly unpredictable interior you can pair up two monochrome rugs with different stripes and create a unique and captivating living room!

A striped monochrome rug can perform incredibly well in the center of the living room, supporting the furniture and setting the tone for the rest of the interior.

The striking combination of red and blue does not throw the room off balance, thanks to the harmonious rug with wide stripes that feels steady and reliable.

To create a chic little office corner, make use of the dynamic striped rug that creates a feeling of consistency even in an open and exposed space.

Minimalist decor is special because of its natural charm and sheer superpower of making a space feel full and inviting even when it isn’t filled with many elements. The consistent and calming interior colored with mostly neutral tones feels incredibly serene and truly gives off the energy of a home. When choosing decorative pieces for our minimalist living room we have to be mindful of picking out only such pieces that highlight its minimalism; pieces that don’t overthrow the balance of the near-empty space. A striped monochrome rug is the ideal piece for decorating a minimalist living room. Because of its noticeability and distinct style, the room won’t need much more!

A living room with plenty colorful elements and a hint of bohemian style is a great place for a monochrome rug! It may not initially stand out but it will definitely bring balance to the whole space!

Extending over the entire living room, this striped monochrome rug clearly asserts itself as the most dominant decor piece in the entire room and beautifully contrasts the neutral furniture with colorful cushioning.

A dim living room certainly has its charm, as it feels very secure and intimate. If within the gray hues and the darkened decor pieces you still wish for a hint of brightness, a striped black and white rug is the greatest piece to make your neutral living room more versatile, modern and trendy!

It sounds almost like a paradox to say that a monochrome rug is a wonderful piece for a cheerful and warm living room, but this beautiful room shows us that it’s perhaps the colorless pieces itself that emphasise the room’s warmth make the space into what it is!

Stripes in the Dining Area

The area where we dine is surely one that must always appear charming and well put-together. It is the setting of many family meals and social gatherings so it has to feel welcoming and uplifting. A monochrome striped rug is a great contribution to any dining area of your home!

It’s clear that a striped rug with a monochrome color scheme is the perfect modern piece for a trendy dining room that embodies all current home decor trends!

If the whole kitchen and the joint dining area are already decorated in stripes, a matching rug will create a beautiful flow of decor, a coherent pattern that makes the room feel consistent and a little old-fashioned!

The elegance of this dining room is without competition. The interior is incredibly balanced and breathtakingly graceful, the striped monochrome rug steering the attention to the beautifully set dining table.

A striped rug under the dining table seems to be the absolute focus of this dining room, making the rug a very important piece that attracts people into the room.

The contrast between polished wooden floor and a big striped rug is very obvious. It makes the black and white rug even more visible than it already is and, together with the dining table, creates a true centerpiece in the middle of the dining room. There are no doubts of what is supposed to be the center of attention, but there are also no doubts that modern trends have influenced the room. Whether we’re looking at a dim contemporary dining room with plenty trendy pieces or a simplistic dining room that soaks inspiration in rustic elements, the modern appeal of a monochrome striped rug will definitely dominate the room!

The charm of a striped monochrome rug isn’t just one for the indoors – it’s also evident when used in the outdoor settings! It beautifully contrasts the vibrant colors of the nature and makes sure the setting looks nothing short of elegant, creating the idyllic space for outdoor entertaining!

Luna Lupus

I write for decoist.

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