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Small Stainless Steel Islands for the Space-Savvy Modern Kitchen

With the New Year here and a week already behind us (yes, time does fly!), it is time to get into those New Year resolutions with more seriousness. For most of us, this is a time of the year when flipping through new decorating and color trends is all too common. This also means searching for ways in which you can give the living space, kitchen and bedroom a smart makeover without spending excessive time, energy and cash! Today, we turn our attention to the modern kitchen and explore the many ways in which a stainless steel island can make a big difference even in its tiniest form. For the small or space-savvy kitchen, the stainless steel island is indeed a godsend.

Brilliant backsplash in multiple shades of greenish-blue steals the show here [From: Artistry Masters of Woodcraft]

Bringing stainless steel to the kitchen brings with it an array of ergonomic advantages, making it an absolute delight to have around. Stainless steel islands are easy to clean, maintain and if you can keep the scratches out, they can continue to add metallic glint for a long, long time. In the small kitchen, a stainless steel island on wheels can be used in multiple ways. It can also be simply pushed away into the corner when you need additional square footage.

Much Needed Metallic Sparkle

In the modern kitchen, it is the refined finishes and polished surfaces that dominate the setting. With the latest wooden craze, even wooden finishes and cabinets are once again making a comeback. It is in this vibrant setting that a small stainless steel island makes a big visual impact. If you have other appliances with a bright and glittering metallic finish, then this small island can complement them ever so elegantly. In small kitchens, the stainless steel island provides a more cheerful and light-filled environment that seems instantly upbeat.

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Small modern kitchen with stainless steel island on wheels next to a lovely reading nook [From: Vanillawood]
Space-savvy kitchen in white and gray with small stainless steel island [From: Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs]
Small contemporary kitchen with stainless steel island

Versatile Stainless Steel Island

You need not stick to the traditional notion of the kitchen island while picking a stainless steel wonder for your modest kitchen. One might be better served with a versatile island that is no larger than a bar cart on wheels and can double as a lovely breakfast station and a cool prep zone that is not far off from your main workstation. With the stainless steel island on wheels, you also have the additional advantage of mobility and decorating ease that the traditional islands simply do not offer. And when you need an additional serving space or simply a bar cart for your next party, you will not have to scurry around to find something in the last minute.

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Tiny kitchen island is used as an exclusive breakfast bar [From: Meadowlark Design+Build]
Ultra-tiny kitchen cart on wheels can also double as a cool kitchen island
Smart kitchen island on wheels with stainless steel countertop [From: Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects]

Exceptional Islands for Innovative Kitchens

When it comes to stainless steel kitchen islands for the small kitchen, you are not really bound by conventions. You can opt for a custom island with a curved design or one with a wooden body and stainless steel worktop. These islands are industrious, work with a wide range of styles and will serve you well for years to come. Matching bar stools or a backsplash in stainless steel can give the kitchen an even more curated visual appeal. Just make sure, you take care of these stainless steel surfaces in the right manner and you should have a shiny, hassle-free kitchen.

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Curvy island adds metallic sheen to the contemporary kitchen [From: Mitchell Berry Architects]
Modern eclectic kitchen with ornate wooden shelving and stainless steel island [From: Lankford Design Group]
Brushed satin stainless steel kitchen island with matching bar stools

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