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Keeping Summer Alive: 20 Small Sunrooms for a Warmer Fall and Winter

Missing summer as you start entering into colder months of fall? You are not alone, with a global pandemic keeping almost everyone inside for the best part of spring and summer in 2020. With weather experts predicting a harsh and cold winter and a fall that will be unusually chilly, now is a good time to get in a bit of sunshine before darker days roll in. It is also the perfect time to plan for a space in your house that will keep you toasty warm in the months ahead and will allow you to make the most of little sunshine that is indeed available. Nothing matches the comfort and style of a proper sunroom in this regard. And today we are taking a look at some of the best small sunrooms around!

Small Scandinavian sunroom of Stockholm apartment with a bench creates the perfect atmosphere for picnic at home [From: Herder Home]

Not everyone has a large and spacious room to spare for a sunroom. But that does not mean you should be denied the pleasures of a gorgeous sunroom and the healthy lifestyle that it brings along with it. The best sunrooms do not require too much space and it is more about smart planning, adaptive design and a desire to enjoy the outdoors even when things become cold and dreary. From modern balconies that have been turned into sunrooms to small niches that act as ingenious sunrooms, this is a look at how space is not a constraint when you are willing to get creative –

Cozy Little Escape

In many modern apartments, you just do not have the room to spare for a sunroom. It becomes even harder when you consider the fact that you actually need glass walls (at the very least) to create a lovely sunroom and that is not always possible. This is why we love the idea of turning that private balcony next to the bedroom or one connected with the living room into a sunroom. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls that effectively seal away the balcony and create a sheltered space help in turning that small setting into a practical sunroom. Add a few chairs, maybe a side table and you have a sunroom that you can enjoy across all seasons.

Modest shabby chic style sunroom is the perfect place to rest, relax and stay warm during winter months
Slim screened porch becomes sunroom with smart and innovative decor and just a hint of color
Tiny shabby chic sunroom with bright pops of color and a hammock in the corner[From: Javier Bravo]

In other homes, you might just come across a niche in the corner that feels private and is surrounded by a couple of glass walls. This is an ideal space for you ‘little sunroom; space that is unlike the living room or the hallway. Of course, those who do have a small room to spare for the sunroom in their residence can decorate it in a more extensive fashion.

Transform the small living room niche into a modest sunroom as winter rolls in [From: Lauri Brothers]
Comfortable modern décor can be combined with greenery to create the perfect small sunroom
Convert that smart and small balcony into a lovely sunroom this fall
Modern industrial sunroom crafted from apartment balcony using glass walls and minimal décor

A Bit of Color and to Enliven the Sunroom

The idea that color and small spaces never mix is one that is misplaced and far too generalized. When used right, colors can add charismatic charm to the tiny sunroom. Walls in bright pink or matter orange are perfect for the shabby chic or eclectic sunroom while light blue and pastel greens work well in modern, beach style and tropical sunrooms. If you prefer a more relaxing white backdrop, then add furniture that ushers color into the sunroom. There are plenty of options to try out here with everything from chairs and tables in bright colors to dashing area rugs, accent wall features and of course, those many, many indoor plants.

Small contemporary sunroom of Russian home with pink walls and a smart stand to hold potted plants [From: Alexandra Sakmarova]
Turn the corner of a living room or corridor into a smart sunroom with glass windows and walls
Wall art frames and chairs bring pops of orange to this small contemporary sunroom
Adding color to the small sunroom with a green carpet and fabulous gray wall [From: Setus Design]
Beautiful beach style nursery in blue with relaxing club chairs and uncomplicated design [From: Gridley + Graves Photographers]
Gorgeous little sunroom in white where multi-colored decor pieces bring in a flood of color [From: The McMullin Design Group]

Style, Décor and Space

A white, light gray or beige backdrop in the small sunroom allows you to shift between styles easily and in a cost-effective manner. Do not be limited by the general perception of a sunroom and believe that it is all glass, glass and more glass. Solid brick and concrete walls coupled with large glass windows can also shape picture-perfect sunrooms that bring in ample natural ventilation. Built-in benches, drapes and skylights are just a few of the many options that elevate form and functionality of the sunroom further. We can assure you with certainty that no room is too small for a sunroom!

Relaxing sunroom of Gothenburg apartment in white and gray epitomizes modern Scandinavian style
Tropical sunroom with custom built-in seating that also provides ample storage
Use drapes to separate the small sunroom from the terrace and garden outside
Usher in a hint of breezy tropical charm with wallpaper inside the small, white sunroom
Dashing reclaimed wood walls steal the show inside this sunroom
Exposed brick wall adds textural charm to the exquisite sunroom in white and wood [From: House Whole]

Sherry Nothingam

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