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50 Bright and Beautiful Contemporary Sunrooms

Depending on where you live in the northern hemisphere, you might have anywhere between a few good days to weeks before the warmth of summer slowly wanes away. Many of us are doing our absolute best to make the most of these warm, sunny days before fall and winter take over. Some might be planning for end-of-summer parties while others could well be reinforcing their home and preparing for a decor makeover that welcomes fall gleefully. But there are still ways in which you can enjoy a bit of sunshine and warmth in the months ahead, and a lovely sunroom is one such wonderful option.

Sunrooms come in handy in more ways than just one. They expand the available living space, give your home a more relaxed, breezy appeal and definitely give the interior a cheerful ambiance. While they come in many shapes and sizes, today we take a look at 50 contemporary-style sunrooms that seem a lot more popular than their traditional counterparts. If you are planning to add a sunroom to your home, these awesome spaces will indeed help you in making a more informed and inspired choice.

1. A View to Marvel

The idea of a perfect sunroom is different for different folks, and in a time where homeowners are starting to realize the benefits of a lifestyle draped in natural goodness, a sunroom with stunning views seems to be the most preferred option. While the design of the sunroom itself is still firmly entrenched in contemporary style and design principles, it is the view outside those large glass walls and windows that brings tranquility, delight and an air of majestic beauty. Obviously a home on top of a hill overlooking the coastline, the distant hills or even a forested area is perfect for this dream sunroom.

Stunning sunroom with Walnut Entertainment Center and ocean views [Design: NEFF of Chicago Custom Cabinetry and Design Studio]
Sunroom provides a space for relaxation and reflection as you overlook the rigged coastline [Design: Eric Miller Architects]
Suspended bed and sliding glass doors for the sunroom with lake views [Design: Furman + Keil Architects]
Touch of stone beauty for the sunroom [Design: Blaze Makoid Architecture]

But those blessed with less stunning views from their sunroom can still enjoy make it work by opening it up towards the garden and pool area outside. If you have a swanky apartment in the heart of New York City or San Francisco, then a view of the city Skyline or a feature like the distant Golden Gate Bridge is not a bad alternative at all, as you put your feet up and take in the early morning hustle outside.

2. Sun, Shade and Ceiling

While in the rest of your home the ceiling might just be a boring plain white addition on top of the walls, in the sunroom, it takes on a whole new meaning. Contemporary sunrooms come with a wide array of ceiling choices that range from selections that are completely clad in glass to those that are retractable and super-expensive! Obviously the budget at your disposal will define which option you go for, but also consider local weather conditions, aesthetics and the amount of sunlight/heat that you feel is ideal before making the final choice.

Contemporary sunroom with a beachy vibe and natural birch ceiling and partition [Design: Vera Lachia]
Gorgeous sunroom with informal seating along with stone and glass walls [Design: Agnès Carpentier]
Snazzy ceiling for the contemporary sunroom and decor in purple [Design: Marta Mitchell Interior Design]
Captivating glass roof for the audacious sunroom [Design: ROCOCO]

An all-glass or partially glass roof will obviously let in a lot more sunlight and things can get really warm, really fast in here. This is a style best suited for those living in colder regions of the world, who experience a fleeting summer where the temperature on hottest days does not go past mid 20s. Even in contemporary sunrooms, natural materials such as wood, bamboo and birch still make fine choices for a ceiling that creates a more informal and playful atmosphere.

3. It’s All About Glass!

It is true that a conservatory and a sunroom are considerably different, but you can bring the best of both designs together to create a hangout that is both aesthetically and functionally stunning. Glass is the principle material that is used to create conservatories, and an all-glass conservatory seems more like a fancy extension of the home than a room in itself. But if this is the look that suits your needs and taste, then by all means go for it!

Cool conservatory that doubles as a lovely living space [Design: Terrat Elms Interior Design]
Gazebo-shaped sunroom that is all about glass [From: TCPeterson Photography]
Add greenery to visually enrich that sunroom and create some shade [Design: CKA PARIS]
Conservatory for London home with plush seating [Design: Inspired Dwellings]

But combine the glass walls and ceiling with a few stone, brick or wood walls or opt for a few translucent glass panels to create more privacy. Also think of high-quality drapes that will keep out excessive light and heat on those really hot days. Add a few plants and make sure that there is enough shade when needed to turn the glass and steel structure into a serene, pleasant hangout.

4. A Blazing Fireplace & Lovely Breeze

Sure, a gorgeous sunroom looks absolutely out of this world and completely transforms the appeal of your home, but it involves a lot more than just style alone. Even in contemporary sunrooms, stone fireplaces seem completely at ease, and they bring that outdoorsy charm indoors. It makes great sense to have a fireplace in the sunroom, as you can enjoy its ambiance even after sunset and turn it into an awesome family room during the holidays even as it is snowing outside! Apart from top-notch insulation, give your sunroom the added advantage of a fireplace and a ceiling fan or three so that you can better regulate the heating and cooling needs.

Black fireplace and wooden roof for the spacious sunroom [From: Twist Tours Photography]
Contemporary decor ideas for the modern sunroom [Design: Streeter & Associates]
Cozy sunroom with a limestone fireplace [Design: Poet Interiors]
Elegant stone fireplace for the sunroom in wood and glass [Design: Hampden Design & Construction]
Show stopping sunroom design with Asian design influences [Design: Nick Bonadies]

5. Smart Sunroom Decor

A simple rule when decorating a sunroom is to pick outdoor decor since the furniture will often be exposed to direct sunlight and for considerable periods of time. Of course, you can always add your favorite sitting chair or side table to shape a reading nook that is in the shade. There is an endless choice when it comes to contemporary and minimal outdoor decor options, and many of these are crafted from materials like bamboo, jute and other natural fibers, giving the stylish sunroom a more casual, holiday-inspired look.

Lovely sitting area and dining space for sunroom with wooden shutters [Design: BK.Architect ]
Relaxing sectional and a small entertainment unit for your sunroom [Design: PR Design]
Twin Eames Wire Tables add to the style of the cool sunroom [Design: Emerick Architects]
Attractive American Black Walnut floors and ceiling for the sunroom [Design: Michael Fitzhugh Architect]

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