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Small Summer House in Sweden Paints a Picture of Minimal Contrasts

A summer house that is modern, compact and nestled in the heart of nature, the Summerhouse at Söderöra is a perfect example of how you can escape your mundane life while still enjoying its many comforts. Designed by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter, this cabin in the woods of sorts nestles away from the constant rush and glaring lights of Stockholm and allows you to get closer to nature with its open design utilizing two floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors. The glass sections of the woodsy cabin also bring in ample natural charm while the dark exterior lets it blend in with the backdrop after sunset.

Dark exterior of the small summer house in woods allows it to blend in with the backdrop
Dark exterior of the small summer house in woods allows it to blend in with the backdrop

Step inside and you will see a large skylight at the heart of the cabin illuminating the entire space while décor and overall design of the cabin embraces Scandinavian simplicity. A single-wall kitchen in one of the corners of the cabin feels understated and modern while the dining area sits next to it snugly. A bright orange chair in the corner next to the window adds color to the setting with white taking over everywhere else. [Photography: Lindman Photography]

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Glazed windows and smart design give the cabin a cool look on the outside
Large floor-to-ceiling window brings the outdoors inside and frames the views
Sliding glass doors and an interior in white create a minimal and modern summer home
Tiny summer house in the woods makes a big visual impact
Wooden cut-outs and glass windows create a seamless indoor-outdoor interplay
Central skylight brings ample natural light into the small summer home

Around an central open space, four small rooms for sleeping, storage and bath are placed, one in each corner. Light enters through a skylight and large glazed niches that underscores the atelier like character of the central space, as it opens up toward the sky and its green environs in 360°.

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Dining area and kitchen in the corner save space with ease
Elevates design of the cabin makes it eco-friendly with ease
Floor plan of Summerhouse at Söderöra

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