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Unique and Compelling Round Windows for Every Room

Round windows are a surprising and dynamic element that takes the room away from the traditional and predictable decor into a soft, fluid area where round shapes are contributing to the diversity among the windows of the house. Round windows can be incorporated in old-fashioned interiors as well as contemporary ones. They have a historic appeal that works with vintage elements and a modern dynamic that makes them amazing in trendy homes! See a selection of round windows in some of the most significant rooms of the house!

Stunning Living Rooms

Windows can play a big role in determining how a room is going to look like. Round windows are a charming and unique element that (even when small) lets a lot of daylight into the room, making the space stylish and inviting!

Minimalist living room with a big round window

Round window in a serene living room
Pure and clean white room with a dark round window

Minimalist living rooms decorated in all-white are a great territory for round windows. They bring a certain dynamic and energy that the space doesn’t normally have. In such a serene space, the round window is an invitation to curiosity, drawing you in and leading you to look out into the great outdoors – be it city or the nature! It provides a window into the contrast of your clean white room; it’s the element that connects the two worlds, the orderly minimalist indoors and the disorderly, often chaotic, outdoors.
Church inspired painted round window

A spacious living room with a big stairwell and a lot of open space feels grand and luxurious. The beige interior is calming and neat, with the painted round window below the ceiling bringing in a unique element that resembles the atmosphere of a church.
clock tower living room with two round windows

This clock tower living room is like no other and it is precisely its one-of-a-kind interior that makes it feel so majestic. The round windows in a round room make the space feel almost infinite. The only grounding element is the brick wall that is a stunning backdrop against a vintage furniture and fragments of old clocks.
Small round window in a dim and cozy living room

A smaller attic living room can become a dark space if we don’t let some light in. Bring in the daylight but retain the cozy dimness with a small round window!

Reading nook with a big round window

Round windows make the reading nook special and charming

Reading nooks are becoming a very big part of people’s homes and are often adjacent to the living room. If you want to make your reading nook truly special, a round window is a great choice! To maximize the amount of light you let into your nook, choose a big window – one that extends over the entire wall! The space will feel incredibly special and charming.

Captivating wooden living space with a small round window

The view of this wooden living space is absolutely captivating. It feels incredibly cozy and natural. Big rectangular windows give it a traditional ambiance, with the little round window serving as a cute element that breaks up the repetitiveness!

Charming Kitchens and Dining Rooms

Where you create and eat your food is a sacred space that has to feel special, personal and likeable! Round windows have a gift of instantly making the room very interesting and inviting, so the kitchen and the dining room seem to be the perfect candidates for them!
Traditional dining room with a large round window

This dining room combines many traditional elements – from beige chairs to a brown decorative rug. They could easily take over the room and make it appear dull, but paired with mahogany brown walls, a luxurious chandelier and a big round window, the entire space feels fresh and lively!
Narrow kitchen benefits from a round window

A very narrow kitchen relies on the windows to make it appear bigger. Normal square windows could make this neutral kitchen look too predictable, so a round window is the perfect choice!

Round window as a focal point in a huge kitchen

When you are dealing with a very big kitchen that has a stunning design and a lot of beautiful elements, there is a need for a focal point. A great round window will be just that – something beautiful and unique to focus on in a big space!
Beautiful round window in a modern kitchen

This incredible modern kitchen with an adjacent dining area has a polished and elegant interior. The mix of dark brown and beige kitchen surfaces is very calming, so the wall with a round window is perfect for inviting some light and landscape into the room!
Cute round window in a wooden kitchen

A wooden, old-fashioned kitchen is a place that easily channels nostalgia and makes us yearn for all of the baked goodies grandma used to bake! To make your kitchen even more pitch-perfect, install a round window that will serve as a cherry on top!
Neutral kitchen with a charming round window

In a kitchen with a very consistent neutral color palette, a round window will act as an element that brings color into the space simply by showing you the green outdoors!

Cozy Bedrooms

A bedroom is that special room of the house that has to feel cozy, comfortable and secure. It also has to feel just a little bit magical, since it’s the place where you doze off into dreams! Round windows have a way of bringing all of this into your bedroom and making it truly exceptional!
A small round window spices up a vintage bedroom

A vintage bedroom with big windows and a traditional window seat is a design seen so many times you’ll want spice it up with an extra element that puts you on the frontline of trendy decor! A small round window will steer the room away from feeling too predictable!
Round window softens a glamorous bedroom

A very glamorous bedroom with a sophisticated color palette calls for some softness. What better way to channel it, than with a lovely round window!

Large round window makes the bedroom open and breathable

A simplistic bedroom with two twin beds needs a large round window between them to make the small space appear more open and breathable!
Round windows are perfect for a modern bedroom

This bedroom is a great example of how round windows can be a fantastic contribution to the modern decor. The room feels versatile and progressive, offering so much inspiration for lovers of modern interior!

Massive round window makes the room truly luminous

An attic bedroom that combines the beauty of wood with the rawness of a brick wall is a charming and romantic sleeping nook! The skylights are a great addition to brighten up the room, but it’s the massive round window in the center that makes the room truly luminous!
Tiny round window for a white and wooden bedroom

This amazingly bright bedroom has a stunning white interior paired with a polished wooden bed and a tiny round window on the wall that seems to draw inspiration from bedrooms on boats!

Glamorous Bathrooms

A bathroom can quickly start feeling monotonous if we don’t give it one outstanding element that serves as the ultimate focal point and the one piece that defines the whole space. Whether big or small, a round window will do the job!
Modest round window in a classic white bathroom

Marble counter space and subway tiles are both very popular elements that can be found in countless bathrooms. For a unique perspective on the classic white interior, add a modest round window that will definitely spice up the plain interior!
A modern and compelling bathroom with a simple round window

A modern and compelling bathroom is the perfect place for a simple round window! It will fit right in with the dynamic interior!

Bathroom with a round window right above the sink

Chic bathroom with a stunning round window

Choosing to place the round window right above the sink almost feels a bit rebellious! It’s usually a place for a mirror, but you can challenge the trends and give your bathroom an opening into the outer world, one you can gaze through every day!
Bathroom with soft beige walls and big round windows
Beautiful marble bathroom with a wooden wound window

Marble brings all the glamour and whether you pair it with soft beige walls or daring dark wooden cabinets, it shines like a superstar! The more light it can reflect, the more glamorous the space will feel, so what better way to light up the room than with giant round windows that will make the bathroom appear even bigger!
Bathroom with a round window that contrasts the interior

The way this round window contrasts the interior of the light bathroom with its dark wooden frame is absolutely beautiful. It’s also a captivating centerpiece that totally balances the room and makes it feel very centered!
Huge round window in an antique bathroom

A bathroom with an antique ambiance can become too dark and melancholic if left without windows. Solve this problem with a huge round window!

A concrete bathroom with a round window

A concrete bathroom feels modern and industrial, basic and raw. If you think it calls for some softening up, a round window is just the element to bring in! Its clean round shape and the view of the outdoors will bring something tender and warm into a cold concrete atmosphere!

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