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Small Rustic Home Offices: Making a Splash in Fall and Winter!

An unforeseen pandemic ravaging across the planet for the majority of two years has altered much more than just the way we lead our lives and interact with the world around us. It has also dramatically changed work culture for many of us. From the days of trying to beat rush hour traffic and spending late hours in the office every now and then, we have moved on to times when work has become another part of our life at home. While some of use might be moving back to normal, it is simply indisputable that 2021’s biggest home decorating trend has been the functional home office.

Gorgeous mountain cabin-inspired small rustic home office with stone walls. fireplace, live-edge desk and comfy seating [From: L&K Real Estate]

The search for that perfect, slim floating desk, ergonomic work chairs and space-savvy home office ideas seems just unending with these ‘elements’ constantly topping the trends chart. Having already shared with of our readers many of these inspirations, today we intend to step into the beautiful and cozy world of small rustic home offices. A perfect work environment for the cold fall and winter months ahead, the small rustic home office is the perfect blend of warm aesthetics and space-conscious ergonomics.

Cozy and Creative Workspaces

The small workspace can feel cramped if you fill it with too many elements and if left largely undecorated, it looks ungainly and forgotten. The balance in here is between a small space with just a desk and a chair and one where you have barely any space to move around without the fear of knocking something down! In a rustic home office, warm wooden finishes, weathered rustic elements and the neutral backdrop give the room a comfortable and wholesome appeal without having to rely on introducing too many decorative elements.

Take in the views as you get things done while working from home [From: One Kind Design]
Whitewashed reclaimed wood planks turn the corner of the room into a striking home office with rustic style [From: Barkod Interior Design]
Sloped wooden ceiling of the attic workplace is just perfect for the small rustic office [From: Reader & Swartz Architects]

Fusion of Modern and Rustic

In the home office, a fusion between the mountain cabin-inspired rustic look and the more modern aesthetics is one that depends on your preference for one of the two. If you already have a room with a largely rustic backdrop, then adding a modern desk and chair to the space along with a couple of contemporary cabinets or open, floating shelves should do the trick. On the other hand, in the modern, small home office a large desk in natural wood finish ushers in the rustic touch without going overboard. Modern-rustic home offices are more suited as an idea for small spaces than just classic rustic-styled rooms because of the visual spaciousness they exude.

Wooden slats and custom backdrop create a beautiful rustic home office inside the garage [From: R. Hernández Johnson]
Dense canopy outside and the giant trees give rustic appeal to this small modern rustic home office [From: Framestudio]

Finding space and Storage

It is not just the style of the room that makes a difference in the small home office with storage and smart utilization of space making the biggest difference. Most often, a series of open shelves in the backdrop offers ample storage space here. In the rustic home workspace, you can turn to cabinets and shelves in wood to provide this storage option without moving away from the style. Corner floating shelves and wall-mounted upper cabinets add additional layers of storage without infringing on the available square footage.

It is difficult to find a more rustic backdrop than this for the small rustic home office [From: Edgewood]
Woods wallpaper is a modern icon that is just perfect for the small rustic home office [From Lisa Kanning Interior Design]

Sherry Nothingam

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