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10 DIY Corner Shelf Ideas for Every Room of your Home

Who among us has not searched for ways in which we can maximize the space in our home without sacrificing on aesthetics and style! It is a common theme in most homes across the world and often the hunt for more space leaves us disappointed simply because we refuse to notice those forgotten corners or realize all the potential that they hold. The empty corner in the living room or the tiny niche in kitchen can add plenty of storage space without you needing to give the room a major overhaul. And leading the pack here are open, corner shelves that can be used in a variety of ways.

Simple wooden plank corner shelves are easy to craft and install

While modular, wall-mounted shelving units have evolved in leaps and bounds in the last decade, there is still nothing like a good DIY corner shelf to give you the ultimate satisfaction, as you start making the most of that overlooked corner. DIY corner shelves come in a wide range of shapes and styles and offer you plenty of display room as well. Since they are not room-specific, each of these 10 fab ideas can be used in pretty much any room of your home. Delve in and discover the DIY corner shelf that works for your home –

Trendy, Modern DIY Corner Shelves

The slim floating shelves in white are a staple of the contemporary living room. They tend to blend into the backdrop and provide plenty of display and storage space even as you look to take full advantage of the available vertical space. Take a similar approach to utilizing the corners with DIY floating white shelves that take intermediate-level crafting skills. All you need here is lumber, the right crafting tools, plywood and paint to get the job done. For a beginner or a weekend project, check out ManMadeDIY’s floating shelves tutorial.

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DIY modern floating shelves in white for the corner
Smart and contemporary DIY floating shelves in the corner
Smart wooden corner shelf for the space-savvy reading nook

The custom corner shelves from Deuce Cities Henhouse look equally fabulous and offer plenty of storage space for bibliophiles and homeowners looking to turn the living room corner into a personal reading nook. Bored with clean, straight lines and simple rectangles? It is time then to dabble into some geo contrast with fabulous DIY Honeycomb shelves. These hexagonal masterpieces are easier to craft than you might imagine and the result is surely something to be proud of!

Trendy and modern hexagonal wall shelves DIY project
DIY honeycomb shelves fit in pretty much anywhere

Sleek Wooden Corner Shelving

Time to give the empty corners a practical makeover, but with a textural twist! Wood brings warmth and contrast to the modern home and whether it is in the tiny polished kitchen in white or the sophisticated bedroom in gray, DIY corner wooden shelves fit in pretty much everywhere and anywhere. It is the finish of the wood and the materials that you combine it with to create the DIY corners shelves that ultimately define their style. While wooden shelves with live-edge or raw, unpolished look are perfect for rustic, farmhouse and traditional spaces, shelves with wood and metallic sparkle work well in shabby chic and industrial style interiors.

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Building and organizing modern corner shelves
Building and organizing modern corner shelves
Lighting your DIY corner shelves
Create your own corner shelves with wood
DIY floating wooden shelves in the corner for the bedroom

DIY Tiny Corner Shelves

DIY corner shelving is not all about extensive designs that create a lovely display or provide ample space for storage. Sometimes, you need to with tiny niches and ultra-small corners that feel like a lost cause. Not to fret as a smart, triangular DIY floating shelf like the one we discovered on 4 Men 1 Lady can transform even the smallest and most awkward of corners. The House that Lars Built take a different approach with a standalone corner shelf that has Scandinavian style written all over it while Kitchn offer DIY corner shelving idea for small kitchens.

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DIY Kitchen corner shelving idea
Scandinavian style corner wooden shelf DIY
Ergonomic, triangular DIY corner shelves fit in pretty much anywhere
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