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Stay Entertained: 20 Lovely Small Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Staying indoors can be difficult at the best of times. Things get even more difficult when you have to spend a prolonged period of time in your own house and social life comes to a complete halt. There are several ways in which you can keep yourself busy while isolating yourself. DIY projects are a great option that make sure several hours flyby as you are busy creating something useful and beautiful. Then there are those who can work from home and that makes things a whole lot simpler. But even if you keep yourself occupied for the better part of the day, there comes a time when you want your daily dose of entertainment. Move beyond the simple TV in the bedroom or living room and scale things up with a fabulous home theater.

Dark gray walls and couch in matching hues create a lovely contemporary home theater [From: Studio Suss]

We understand that not everyone can spare a giant room, an entire basement or a large attic for the home theater. This is why we have turned our attention towards small home theater and media room ideas; inspirations that work for us all. They are much easier to replicate than you might imagine and with all the technological advances in the last few years, connecting things and setting up a home theater is a far more hassle-free affair. From the minimal to the remarkable, this is a look at the 20 best small home theaters around –

Décor for the Small Media Room

The first thing you want to decide when you are planning for a small home theater is to decide on the size of the screen you want, its type and where it needs to be placed. For some, a large screen TV will do and for others a giant screen is the right way forward. Whether you are choosing a LED TV or a projector for your display in the home theater depends on the size of the room, budget at your disposal and what content you watch most often. Once you have the size, type and placement of the screen sorted, think of how many people will frequent the room and the type of seating it needs.

Black home theater in London with bright Togo Sofa and a projector [From: Avocado Sweets Design Studio]
Chic beach style media room decor can also be a great family room at other times
Eclectic mix of shabby chic and colorful seats for the small media room

Large sectionals are the cheapest and most space-savvy option in the home theater and if that does not do the trick for you, then stadium of theater style seating with simple cushions would suffice. Modular sofas and floor pillows can be combined in the small home theater with ease while a few cozy bean bags are great for younger audience.

Stadium style seating in the small home theater saves plenty of space [From: Photo by Pixy]
Staircase landing area turned into a smart home theater with simple white sofa
Tiny Asian style home theater in wood is both warm and unique

Lighting it Right

Lighting is important in every room of the house, but it is even more important in the home theater. You do not want to create a setting where there is any sorts of glare on the screen. Most often, homeowners tend to opt for dark walls and carpets in dark colors to fashion a monochromatic backdrop that does not create reflective light. Once the show is done and the lights are back on, it is generally sconce that give the home theater an authentic and cheerful vibe.

Modern technology allows you to create a smart home theater in the tiniest of rooms with ease [From: Surreal Systems]
Small beach style home theater with wall-mounted TV and comfortable striped chairs in white and blue
Small farmhouse home theater with walls draped in wood [From: Teakwood Builders]
Sophisticated ceiling design accentuates the dramatic appeal of this small home theater in black [From: Gonchar & Lobyntseva]
Bright red sectional maximizes sitting space in this tiny media room that is cheerful
Brightly colored walls in the small contemporary home theater with ample lighting are a rare feature
Modern industrial home theater that is draped entirely in gray [From: Dale Curtis Photography]

What Works in Your Home

The home theater can be different things in different homes. For some, it might be a home theater that is coupled with the kitchen to complete a larger social zone. In other homes the home theater can be an extension of the home bar or the gameroom and might be far more casual in its appeal. A small, dedicated home theater just for two in the attic or a separate room is great for couples who want privacy while a screen, projector and a few seats randomly thrown together in the hallway to create a functional home theater is just perfect for a large family.

Selection of comfortable seats and screen turn the small room into a gorgeous home theater
Sometimes a large niche can be turned into home theater with right lighting and decor
Use a screen to turn the breakfast bar and space next to it into a home theater [From: Thayer Street Associates]
Casual and small modern home theater with fireplace and a polished leather couch
Contemporary home theater of London home keeps its design simple and uncomplicated [From: ALL & NXTHING Interiors]
Custom home theater for two feels both stylish and spacious [ From: Tim Barber Ltd Architecture]

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