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Floor Pillows And Cushions: Inspirations That Exude Class And Comfort

There are some aspects of décor and furnishing that are often overlooked. Floor pillows and cushions do not come to mind instantly when we think about beautiful interiors and stylish homes. Yet these simple and convenient additions can often make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of a room. Since many home owners already use an array of throw pillows to brighten their home, matching floor pillows are a great way to complete the contemporary style with a hint of color and drama.

Sunbrella Floor Pillow couple with lovely throw pillows on the couch

by DEKA Home & Patio

These cool pillows are a great option for those looking to incorporate cool seating options that can be done away with when not in use. Unlike the more expansive ottomans, floor pillows also come in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and surprising patterns. From the artistic to the eclectic and modern to minimalistic, floor pillows can add the much sought after it factor to your interiors! Here are some amazing modern ideas that will get you started.

Add color to the vibrant outdoor space with some floor pillows
Cool floor cushions help usher in a casual atmosphere
Beautiful family room uses accent colors to perfection

by Eileen Kathryn Boyd

Stripes lend cool sophistication to the space with ease

by Josina Bergsøe

Fabulous Grey Floor Pillows add texture with their knitted pattern

by Brunelleschi Construction

Japanese-styled bedroom with beautiful floor pillows

by strelka

Contemporary living space with pristine white floor pillows – Those could take some washing!

by Incite Photography

Extra Seating Space in an Instant

Stylish floor cushions are a great idea for small apartments and living rooms that are short on leg room. Most ottomans and other seating options that are coupled with the couch often take up loads of room and tend to stick around as ‘permanent fixtures’. We are less likely to move them around and hence they take up unnecessary space even when not in use. Floor pillows offer the perfect solution in this regard. You can add a bunch of these gleeful delights when you need additional seating space and simply hide them away when they are not in use.

Bringing symmetry to the room using colorful floor pillows

by Motionspace Architecture + Design

A bunch of floor pillows brings a plush and comfortable appeal to the home theater

by John Kraemer & Sons

Many designs of floor pillows can be stacked and tucked away with ease. This helps keep your home a lot more orderly. Even for those with large living rooms, the visual of elegantly spread floor cushions brings a relaxed and soothing vibe. They are usually far more affordable than fancy chairs and ottomans and you also have the convenience of using them in several different rooms when needed.

Catch up on your favorite book next to the fireplace as you sink into the floor pillows!

by catlin stothers design

Create extra seating space in the media room using the floor pillows

by Rockefeller Partners Architects

Marimekko Unikko Original Fatboy floor pillows- Lending color and character to a space!

by Maydan Architects

Chic floor pillows lend visual geometry to the living room

by Urban Colony

Felted wool stone floor pillows in the living room

More Felted Wool Stone Inspirations

Create a Colorful Setting

Many of the current homes tend to employ a neutral or muted color scheme. This has pretty much led to an increased interest in the use of accent colors. A dash of red or a hint of green here and there surely makes a home far more exciting. Floor pillows often bring in the same effect. Available in a multitude of patterns, prints, tufted versions and trendy hues, floor cushions can bring a space alive in an instant. The different shapes of these pillows and at times the interesting motif (which can range from simple stripes to cute animals) further adds a sense of novelty and excitement.

Whimsical arrangement of the floor pillows along with the iconic Arco floor lamp
Stylish and refined family room with plush floor cushions

by Angel Mangarakov

Luxurious oversized floor cushions for the kids’ bedroom

You can combine floor cushions and pillows of various styles and colors often with ease. They never seem to look out of place and even if you choose ones in cool white or simple gray, they only add to your room’s existing theme and styles. Obviously these unassuming additions are far more popular in bachelor pads and dorm rooms for the multitude of benefits they bring!

Outdoor floor cushions next to the pool are currently quite the rave!

by Bonick Landscaping

Round and playful floor cushions for a fun kids’ bedroom

by Shelley Gardea

Custom low sofa and giant floor pillows create a snazzy kids room

by Wow Great Place

Cozy nook next to the fireplace!
Your kids will simply love the puffy floor pillows in the TV room!

by Pure Bliss Creative Design

Sophistication Coupled With Ergonomics

Floor pillows and cushions take the comfort and the cool factor of a bean bag and couple it with panache and class. This is exactly why they seem to bring in plenty of playfulness even while preserving and accentuating the elegance of a room. Since they are not hard to move around, you can simply stash them away whenever they are not in use. You can use a combination of floor pillows, alter colors and change patterns to keep up with the current design trends. For those who are afraid to try out new accent colors, both floor cushions and throw pillows are a solution from the interior design heaven!

Stack them up neatly when you need some extra leg room

by Laura U

Simple yet gorgeous throw pillows arrangement idea

by Bruce D. Nagel Architect

When it comes to choice and convenience, there are few décor items and accessories that match the floor pillow. And if you are hard pressed to find what you need in the market, then custom designs can be created with ease. Bringing texture, geometric contrast and a splash of freshness, floor pillows definitely are a must for a complete modern home.

Diagonal arrangement of the rug and floor pillows gives this room an interesting look

by Niki Papadopoulos

Interesting placement of the floor pillows
Elegant porch with floor pillows that match the hue of the sofa and the rug

by Young House Love

Tuck those floor cushions away with ease when not in use

by Design By Lisa

Ample seating options on offer in this living room

by Fabrizia Frezza Architecture & Interiors

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