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Putting the Small Balcony to Good Use: 20 Innovative Ideas to Maximize Space

In the urban landscape, there is little space for us to escape the constant hustle and bustle. Creating our own little piece of tranquility is often an exercise relegated to the bedroom alone. It is a safe haven where we feel completely at ease. But you can create an equally private and far more elegant personal space by transforming the small balcony. Often a forgotten space, the tiny balcony can be used in more ways than one. At times it can be turned into a delightful dining area for two and on other occasions is can play host to a relaxing reading nook. Then there are occasions when it can actually become a part of your living space!

Small balcony with Scandinavian style can host everything from beautiful breakfasts to romantic dinners
Small balcony with Scandinavian style can host everything from beautiful breakfasts to romantic dinners [From: The Open House]

Decorating a small balcony and maximizing the available space is all about knowing what you need and what works inside this limited area. Not everyone wants a balcony with a luxurious daybed that has storage underneath or a one that just has a single chair in the corner. From the stylish to the minimal to the curated and the classy, this is a look at 20 new small balcony decorating ideas that maximize space.

A Sheltered Space to Work and Relax

It might be surprising to some of our readers, but a balcony can be easily converted into a lovely home workspace that is both well-lit and sheltered. Since most homeowners are trying to find space for the home office or work area, that small balcony next to the master bedroom offers an innovative and unique option. You might need to put in a few blinds and shades to keep out the glare, but it will be well worth the extra effort! Then there is the other direction in which you can transform the small balcony into a personal relaxing hub that features a comfy daybed and seat in the corner. With space underneath it being used for storage, your tiny balcony will now offer a multi-tasking solution.

Tiny balcony of the home features a small seat at the end with storage below [From: Geometrium design]
Ultra-small modern balcony with a corner custom bench that offers plenty of storage space [From: Ira Shestopalova]
Wall-mounted planters coupled with string lights to shape a beautiful backdrop [From: decora and vende]
A sheltered balcony transformed into stylish home workspace
Beautiful way to convert the small balcony into a relaxing space for a siesta [From: VM Project]
Fabulous transformation of the modern balcony in white into a gorgeous home office [From: Vera Sheverdenok – Roomba interior]

Beautiful and Intimate Settings

We have already shared with our readers a few ideas about how the small and urbane balcony can be turned into a romantic setting perfect for a candle-lit dinner for you and your beloved. This is an idea that is easy to execute and all you need here are a couple of chairs, a small circular table (it helps save space further), some potted plants with lovely blossoms and colorful string lighting. Take in the view as you enjoy a homemade meal and share an intimate moment or two every weekend without having to worry about baking a table in that fancy restaurant!

Use string lighting to illuminate the tiny balcony without taking up space
Classy eclectic approach to decorating the small balcony for a special lunch!
Lighting, flowers and a small bench along with couple of chairs turn the balcony into a romantic escape
Potted flowering plants bring elegance and freshness to the Scandinavian style small balcony
Slim table and chairs in red for the tiny Balcony of Paris home [From: A+B Kasha Designs]
Use movable blinds and retractable shades to bring comfort to the small balcony

Furniture that Fits in Perfectly

The trickiest part about maximizing space in the small balcony is to find furniture that fits both with the overall style and the functionality you are after. We are big fans of custom corner seats that are super comfortable and also provide storage space underneath. String lights, round outdoor tables, and chairs that can be folded away when not in use combine to save space at every turn. Make sure that you do not pack too much into the small balcony. Create a visual balance between empty area and décor and allow the overall style to define exactly how much greenery the balcony needs.

Many small balconies of New York City homes offer dreamy decorating inspiration
Shabby chic approach coupled with Scandinavian style in the balcony [From: Josephine Interior]
Small side table combined with a comfy chair and wall of greenery for the private balcony [From: Maurizio Pellizzoni]
We love the colorful use of decor and limited space in this tiny modern balcony
Colorful blend of accent pillows for the tiny balcony seat [From: AFT Construction]
Couple of chairs and potted plants fill up the small contemporary balcony [From: Studio Morton]
Folding doors separate this balcony in black from the master bedroom

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