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Contemporary Sophistication Meets Cheerful Beach Style at Fairlight House

It is not always that you find a contemporary beach house that is as elegant and refined as this gorgeous Fairlight House designed by Decus Interiors. The house was originally built by Luigi Rosselli Architects and they already set the tone for the style that needs to be followed inside. The color scheme inside the house is restrained with white and black being the dominant colors in every room. The living room seems to combine a sense of modern industrial approach with minimalism and both the styles have been intertwined ever so beautifully. Then there are the smart beach accents in every room that combine the more ‘European backdrop’ with breezy, cheerful panache.

Exquisite contemporary decor with jewel tones brings brightness to the interior

In the living room a black steel-framed partition delineates space and this aesthetic is accentuated by the windows with a similar design. In the kitchen, black cabinets are coupled with white, marble countertops and a large dining table brings a bright splash of blue to the setting. In the living area, jewel-tones steal the spotlight with a stunning dark blue sofa and emerald coffee table that features a bronze top. Custom wooden cabinets in the living room, dining area and the bedroom provide both storage space and double as lovely display. Bedrooms also have a neutral color palette with bedding adding pastel hues – a stunningly cheerful home in every sense. [Photography: Justin Alexander]

Fabulous Fairlight House with a sophisticated beach style in Australia
Modern black and white kitchen with marble finishes inside the home
Bedding brings pastel hues to the bedroom in white
Bedding brings pastel hues to the bedroom in white
Custom wooden shelf with plenty of display space and lovely decorative pieces
Decorating the small space next to the bed with a tiny side table and sconce light

Cognisant of the Northern Beaches location, we set a clear intention to avoid creating an archetypal ‘beach house’ design. The architecture by Luigi Rosselli Architects is European in sensibility, so, working with in this structure, we developed a pensive, restrained colour palette layered within a selection of rich, bold materials.

Dining table brings gorgeous blue to the black and white modern kitchen of the Aussie home
Modern bathroom in black and white with marble finishes and a dashing bathtub
View from outside of the beautiful beach house in Fairlight
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