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Beautiful Rustic Backyard Ideas: A Relaxing Vacation at Home

If you are having thoughts about a lovely vacation and how you can spend a few days away from it all, then that is all too common this time of the year. Yet, the fact that we are still dealing with a global pandemic and travel restrictions across the world is a factor that is forcing many of us to stay indoors and abandon all such thoughts. Even if we are tired of fighting the deadly virus, it is important to remember that the virus is not exhausted! A lovely backyard escape offers that ideal balance between escaping it all and staying safe at home.

Expansive and relaxing rustic backyard with stone deck, amazing natural water feature and a cozy fireplace [From: Designscapes Colorado]

The idea of a rejuvenating staycation starts with creating an outdoor escape that moves away from the more mundane world. And few landscapes look as beautiful and appropriate for this idea as one which is rustic. Taking us back to our roots and encouraging homeowners to spend more time outdoors than inside, the rustic backyard can be created in even the most compact urban settings. Some are expansive and captivating while others are more modest yet equally enchanting – this is a look at the best and most attractive rustic backyards –

Gather Around the Fireplace

It is barely a surprise that in most rustic backyards, it is the fireplace that sits at the heart of it all. This brings back memories of camping in the woods and is a perfect place for everyone in the family to come together after a long, hard day. A few marshmallows, drinks and wonderful stories about past adventures is the perfect way to spend the many evenings as festive season rolls in. In the rustic garden or backyard, it is stone that often provides the base for your fireplace with greenery all around. If you happen to have a wonderful view to take in as you sit there and relax, then even better! It is the landscape and the scenery that do most of the work here.

Modern rustic landscape with lovely little fireplace, wooden benches and smart seating [From: Project Masterz]
Rustic waterside terrace and backyard with fireplace and ample sitting space [From: derek lepper photography]
Bean bag and outdoor cushions bring pops of red to the rustic landscape [From: One Specialty Landscape Design, Pools & Hardscape]
Make sure fire pit is the focal point of the small rustic backyard [From: ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape]

Natural Water Features

Natural ponds and tranquil pools are the perfect way to complete the rustic backyard. If you happen to be blessed with an expansive backyard, then you can combine this pond with a waterfall or another similar feature to add something even more special to the setting. Flowing water has a certain calming ability about it and the sound that it adds to the backyard definitely brings positivity to the backyard. Not every backyard can hold water features that are as impressive as the gardens below, but you can still draw ample inspiration from them and scale things down to suit your own, modern backyard.

Dreamy rustic landscape with stone waterfall and a lovely wooden shed in the backyard [From: Alderwood Landscape Architecture and Construction]
Natural pond, pools and a mesmerizing view make the biggest impression at this rustic backyard [From: Design by Sundown]
Natural pools and ponds surrounded by stone are just perfect for the rustic landscape [From: Upwall Design]

Shade, Sheds and Greenery

Not every backyard is the same and while some of us might want just a small sitting area next to the pool or water feature with a fire pit and a few comfortable chairs, others might want a more expansive sitting space with shade. Pergolas covered in greenery bring a certain dreamy charm to the backyard and ensure that it has a fabulous focal point. Small sheds at the end of this backyard can serve as your bedrooms while on a staycation and an outdoor kitchen can complete this setting. Stone and wood are the preferred materials here when compared to glass and more polished, man-made finishes.

Smart modern rustic landscape with a swing seat and ample greenery [From: Clarissa Judd Gardens]
Curved stone wall plays into the overall narrative of the rustic landscape around the home [From: Pacwest Builders]
Perfect natural hideaway in the rustic backyard that both kids and adults can enjoy [From: Dargan Landscape Architects]
Pergola covered in greenery provides a calm refuge in the nature-filled backyard

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