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Smart Guide To Help Choose The Perfect Sofa

Sometimes we spend so much time on the little intricate details of the house that we often tend to overlook the bigger, more significant aspects. Picking the right sofa is one of those. With so many endless options on offer, choosing a couch that perfectly fits your needs can be both overwhelming and confusing. Shopping for a new sofa is more about understanding your own needs rather than trying to find out the best possible deal. There is definitely no one solution fits all, and you can save yourself both time and money by making smart choices that will shape your home for decades to come!

The sofa is an integral part of most living rooms, and you might even wish to add one to your family room or the outdoor patio. While some might prefer a piece that will set the tone for the rest of their decor, others opt for sofas that are more neutral and understated in appeal. No matter what your needs are, here are some tips to get you started in the right direction –

1. Sizing up the Matter at Hand

Some basics of decor selection never change, and this is one of those. The first constraint that defines the sofa that you bring home is size. Do not just think about the size of the room, but also how long (or short) you want the sofa to be. While some of us are fine with compact sofas that only are there to facilitate the occasional conversation, others would like to turn the couch into a personal haven where they crash on weekends. Where you wish to place the sofa also determines whether you need a curvy piece, a sectional or something more regular.

If you are having second thoughts about how well the sofa fits into the overall appeal of the room and whether or not it leaves enough space to move around, then simply use some sheets or papers to cover the area you have earmarked for you future couch. This simple method allows you to see exactly how much room you can afford to spare for the sofa. It also helps you visualize how the sofa will look along with the coffee table, others chairs and decor in terms of proportionality.

by Clayton & Little Architects

2. Style that Stays Relevant

Determine the style of the room in which the sofa will reside before actually making the purchase. Many homeowners make the mistake of buying a sofa because it looks ‘good on the store floor’ or because they get a great deal on it. This will often leave you with a couch that seems like an oddity, and you will soon start thinking about getting rid of that ‘bargain buy’! If the room has a modern or contemporary theme, choose a sofa with simple, straight lines and preferably in neutral hues. Skirted sofas look at home in a more traditional setting, while Mid-Century modern pieces look cool in an eclectic home.

by Joel Dessaules Design

3. Color your World

Since re-upholstering a couch has become a much cheaper option in the last few years, the color conundrum is less daunting these days. If you do not like the fabric on top or wish to move toward more trendy designs and patterns, then this is indeed an economic option. But no one wishes to get their sofa re-upholstered all too often! Picking a brightly colored sofa is a gamble worth taking only for those who are very confident about their home’s color scheme. For those with color commitment issues, bring home a sofa in hot grey or lovely cream and then use accent pillows to switch between various hues.

by Caitlin Wilson

4. It’s all about Texture

Picking the material of the sofa is as important as its style, shape and color. In fact, it’s probably even more important than the other three factors, as it will determine how comfortable and family-friendly the sofa really is. Think of the kids and pets in the family before opting for that luxurious suede sofa. Even though the idea of all that comfort seems amazing, it will soon turn into a deadly buy if someone in your family is allergic to it. Leather is an option that is both timeless and easy to maintain. In case the couch you are buying for the family room is going to spend some time on the porch come summer, an outdoor fabric is obviously a must.


5. What Else Can Your Sofa Do?

Sofas seem to be the most adept at playing the Transformers role in the decor world! How many times have you looked at a sofa and thought, “Can it switch over into a bed?” And NO, that is not just an idea for college dorms and bachelor pads. Maybe you are looking for decor that will fit into your small guest room, which you plan to use as a home office for the major part of the year. Maybe you are looking for a smart sofa bed for the entertainment room. No matter what your need is, there are endless choices.  Think about getting a top-notch, high-end sleeper sofa that looks both sophisticated and serves you in more ways than one.

by Jesse

by Calligaris

6. Paying for Quality

Well, this is indeed a touchy subject with many. There are those who will tell you that you get what you pay for. This school of thought especially consists of designers who feel that their work is often undervalued just because a cheap imitation is around the corner. Then there are those who will look you squarely in the eye and ask why they should spend their kids’ college fund on a living room couch! Frankly speaking, you should not. Define your budget and stick to it. If you have to save up for months and years to buy a couch that is worth thousands of dollars, then it might not be worth the effort. But you can still get good quality by shopping smartly.

by Mint Home Decor

Remember that it is only the rich that can afford to buy cheap. Instead of investing in re-upholstering or even another new, cheap couch once every few years, it might be well worth buying a costlier piece that will serve you for a decade or two. When it comes to sofas, money does buy you good quality. A good idea is to buy a used couch from a quality maker and get it reupholstered to save money.

by Jan Skacelik

7. What’s the Rush?

A showroom floor and the sales pitch are designed to intimidate you into making an impulsive buy. You would not make bigger decisions like buying a home, a brand new car or expensive accessories in an instant; then why with the couch? How has sitting in it for 20-30 seconds helped you make up your mind? We are not saying you camp out in the store for the night, but do give it a good shake… Literally! Poor quality sofas will often have frames that can be easily wiggled around. This is a sure sign that the sofa will not really serve you all that long. Inquire about the frame and the cushion used.

by Ryan

Before buying the sofa, be as critical as possible regarding the couch of your choice and make sure you consider all possibilities. That might sound a touch negative, but it will land you with a buy that you will really be happy with for a long time to come… Shop Smart!

Sherry Nothingam

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