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Reasons To Consider A Black Kitchen Countertop

The best countertops make your kitchen easier to use and maintain, and black is just the right color to achieve this goal.

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Generally, black is a convenient color choice for almost every room, and the kitchen is not exempt. Even though many people are skeptical about using black for home decor because they are afraid it might look gloomy and uninspiring, that’s often not the case at all.

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3 Reasons why you should use black countertops for your kitchen decor


Black is beautiful, and this is especially true in the kitchen since it pairs well with any color. Black countertops against a primary color backdrop look very stylish.

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Black is the best color for worktops as you don’t have to worry too much about it getting dirty, showing cracks, or getting permanently stained. With a quick wipe of a cleaning cloth, the black countertop is spotless again.

Source: Living etc

Luxurious feel

Black countertops give your kitchen a classy look that’s not easy to achieve. They call attention to your kitchen’s interesting architectural details and finishes.

Source: Backsplash.com

5 Ways to use black countertops

Pair with other colors

Too often, people think the only way to use black is by pairing it with white. That’s so old school! Use pastels, cream, and other light shades as alternative colors instead of white.

Source: Ideal Homes

Black kitchen countertops look good with white or cream-colored cabinets and, sometimes, stained wood. With the right design and planning, they will bring out that classy look in your kitchen space. Here are a few more styles to inspire your decorating.

Use browns

Natural brown cabinets gives warmth to the kitchen, and when combined with black granite countertops, they tend to bring a natural appeal to the space.

Source: The Spruce

Wood and stainless steel

Black countertops often blend well with stained wood cabinets. Throw some stainless steel details and appliances into the mix, and you will have some superb contrast going on in your kitchen.

Source: LTX
Source: Country Living

For instance, you could use quality wood cabinetry combined with modern stainless convection stoves and cookers. This can help create an elegant surrounding.

Best matching appliances

Most modern kitchens boast well-lit spaces that come with appliances made of stainless steel.

Source: VT Industries
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