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A Classic in Modern Homes: Finding Space for Your Pinball Machine

Decorating your home is not all serious business and it definitely goes beyond color scheme, styles, themes and trendy décor. There are times when you want to move away from the mundane and bring home something that adds a dash of playfulness and pizazz without seeming out of place. For those who love music, it is various music instruments ranging from guitars to grand pianos along with framed music sheets that become a form of personal expressions. The avid photographer might turn to black and white photographs and the sporting enthusiast could delve into the world of memorabilia. But what about the avid gamer with a love for the nostalgic?

Handmade pinball coffee table for the modern living room

Moving beyond the more common pool tables and foosball tables, we take a look today at how a few homeowners have brought in the charm pinball machine even while combining it with the existing theme of their home. From the vintage and the collectible to the new and shiny, here is a look at 10 ways in which you can enliven everything from the family room to the bedroom with a sparkling pinball machine –

Kids’ Rooms and Family Hangouts

Pinball machines are a fun way to brighten the family room and keep everyone occupied every once in a while. It is also bound to become a striking focal point of the room as you host friends and family over the weekend. The difficult part of course, is to find some space for the pinball machine in an already cluttered family room. Start by clearing out everything you do not need and take a more minimal approach to decorating. Clearing out a corner is the best way to find the right space for your latest, vintage acquisition as it also allows you to decorate the rest of the room far more easily.

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Small den in Vancouver Loft with pinball machines
Tropical family room with a collection of pinball machines [From: Structures Building Company]

Not many kids are into classic arcade games these days and the teen in your home might well prefer an Xbox to a pinball machine. But if you have introduced the charm of classic arcade games to your kids and they have fallen in love with the pinball machine, then adding one to the teen room might be a smart decorating choice. Since most pinball machines already pack a colorful punch, keeping the rest of the room as neutral as possible helps immensely.

Cheerful kids’ playroom with pinball machine in the corner [From: RNL Homes]

The Right Nook

The rectangular form of the pinball machine means it is absolutely perfect for the lonely, forgotten corner of the modern home. Even if you are not going to spend endless hours each weekend on the pinball machine, even as a aesthetic addition, this arcade delight still adds plenty in terms of sheer aesthetics and vivacious color. Everything from the living and the family room corner to the space under the loft bed or even the staircase can play host to the bright and brilliant pinball machine. And when all those lights come alive and the rolling and rattling sounds fill the air you are bound to relive a cherished part of your childhood; even if it is for a fleeting moment.

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Reclaimed loft with modern industrial vibe features pinball machines under the bed
Turn that bedroom corner into a fun gaming space with a pinball machine [From: Rima Martinez Design Studio]
Modern industrial living room with pinball machine in stars and stripes [From: PLACE Architect]
Couple those pinball machines with quirky, colorful posters [From: Jason Snyder]

Complete the Dream Basement

Turning the basement into a space where everyone in the family can come together and relaxes increasingly becoming a popular option. If that is not what works for you, then maybe a dedicated home office with a small home bar, gym and gaming room next to it is the next best option. Whether you wish to take the former route or want to turn the basement into a man cave, a pinball machine feels at home in both the scenarios. This fall, move away from the more mundane options and usher in classic arcade fun with a cool pinball machine!

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Contemporary basement in gray with pinball machine in the corner [From: Kasabella]
Give your living room a modern pinball coffee table
Basement bar and family room with pinball machines [From: Mike Knight Construction]

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