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When Pianos Aren’t Just Black Boxes Meant To Give Us Great Tunes!

It was just a few days back that we featured some beautiful interiors that embraced the piano and made it an integral part of the room’s design. While the focus then was on effortlessly combining the piano with interior design, the grand piano on display today elevates your home’s ambiance to a whole new level. The PH Grand Piano comes with a rich heritage and an even richer form that mesmerizes you with its sheer visuals. An absolute treat for both interior design and music aficionados, the PF Grand tells you that pianos are not just giant boxes that only come in stoic black!

A view to marvel as you enjoy lovely piano tunes

Designed way back in 1931 by the world-famous Danish designer and architect Poul Henningsen, these fabulous pianos are as contemporary and stylish as any other on the planet. Much like some of the classic Mid-Century Modern icons that embraced the Danish design revolution, the form of the PH Grand Piano seems both timeless and captivating. Currently being crafted at the German piano factory Blüthner in Leipzig, these gorgeous musical instruments combine finesse and perfection with ergonomic aesthetics and scintillating elegance.

Of course, the real talking point here is the many design styles, patterns and finishes that the PH Grand Piano has to offer. Instead of building your house around the black piano, the PH Grand encourages you to bring home a world-class piano that blends with the existing color scheme and theme of the room. From dazzling red leather to bold prints, warm golden hues and minimal silver plates; the PH Grand is for those with who love refined sophistication.

PH Grand Piano from Bella Sky Bar at Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen

Iconic Egg Chair with the PH Piano and owner of the company Flemming Lindeløv

We also had a chance to ask the experts at PH Pianos a couple of questions regarding the style of pianos they deliver and how interior design shapes these fabulous PH Grand Pianos. Here is what they had to say:

How much of a part do aesthetics play in defining the style of the piano you deliver and its finish? Do you have specific requests from clients that ask for a certain style and texture?

It is definitely our impression that most of our customers are considering various options very much and wish to match the look of the piano with the interior setting of the home. In other words, design and aesthetics are a major part of the purchase of a PH Grand Piano, and no other piano is as elegant and matches any interior as well as the PH Grand Piano.

We can customize the PH Grand Piano to any style, interior setting and personal request. Of course, we always keep the original design of the PH piano from 1931, but we can change the color and material of the leather banding; a customer in Washington, DC just purchased a PH Grand Piano with black suede, and another couple in Stockholm with mink skin. The iron plate on the piano is normally in a golden color like on “traditional” pianos, but many customers purchase with a silver color that makes the piano look even more modern.

A design that stars true to its Danish design heritage

What would be your expert advice to budding music and design enthusiasts on the things to look for in a piano before bringing it home?

Most of our customers purchase a PH Grand Piano with an iPhone-compatible self-player system where it is possible to download a song from a huge music library and play it acoustically on the piano, and singing + other instruments will play from loud speakers. It is possible to connect this system to loud speakers of the home, thereby turning the PH Grand Piano into “the most sophisticated party tool” on the market!

The PH piano is playing acoustically, the keys are “dancing” up and down like when the pianist is playing on the piano and the audio sound is going through loud speakers. It sounds amazing!

Check out the many variations of the PH grand Piano and pretty soon the old black box will seem all too boring…

Gorgeous red PH Grand Piano

PH Piano in stylish Copenhagen Residence

Iconic PH Grand takes centerstage

Grand Piano inside iconic Finnish designer Alvar Aalto's private home in Finland

Goregous Piano in silver plate and black leather

PH Grand Piano placed at the VIP Lounge at Riga Airport, Latvia

Grand Piano at the VIP Lounge of Riga Airport

Grand Piano at the Kempinski Moika22 Hotel in Sankt Petersburg

Bring home the PH Grand Piano in Gold this winter!

Bold print for modern grand piano

Beautiful piano in Espressoleather and bight chrome

Classy and contemporary white and silver piano

Grand piano in classic black and silver

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