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25 Cool Pantry Door Ideas that Go Beyond the Mundane

We often get lost in the rush of life and pay just about enough attention towards the big things in life, ignoring the minor details in the process. The same is true when it comes to the kitchen pantry. Yes, the functionality and shelving space of the pantry is a priority that cannot be ignored. But take time this fall to venture beyond the obvious and add that something extra to the kitchen with a distinct and stylish pantry door.

Even though it might seem like a minor detail, a smart pantry door can make huge difference to the overall appeal of the kitchen. We have the best ideas lined up today so that you can take your pick when it comes to the pantry door.

Fabulous pantry doors in wood and chalkboard [From: The Ransom Company]

The modern pantry door is often sterile, bringing little in terms of both style and color. Changing it might feel like a minor makeover, but it can considerably change the overall ambiance of the kitchen.

A smarter pantry door also allows you to save space while providing additional storage options. All that and a whole lot more await as we browse through 25 fabulous pantries and take notice of the doors the use to elevate both style and space!

Modern and Diverse Options

We start off with the most modern of pantry doors around these obviously come with a polished, contemporary sheen. Few colors are more popular than gray and shades of blue for the contemporary pantry door. Those who want to create more visual contrast can opt for the dashing black pantry door that stands out in the white kitchen.

Another cool idea is the frosted glass door for the pantry that brings in natural light even while carefully hiding clutter to a large extent. Those who are bored with the traditional pantry can turn to custom contemporary pull-out drawers that combine to create a hidden, spacious pantry.

Contemporary pantry idea with slide-out drawer units for the modern kitchen
Glass pantry door and glass panels and etched glass[From: Sans Soucie Art Glass]
Gorgeous pantry with frosted glass doors set against a brick wall backdrop [From: Four Brothers]
Gray doors give even an old pantry a visually modern upgrade [From: Breathing Room Design]
More modern and innovative approach to pantry design
Pantry wall allows you to pin up your precious memories [From: Erin Hoopes]
White pantry doors make sure it blends in with the backdrop
Bluish-gray pantry doors give it a polished, modern appeal

It’s a Matter of Space

The pantry door does much more than hide everything inside the pantry. It can also provide additional storage and shelving space with built-in shelves and hanging, wiry cabinets and other smart holders.

In the tiny pantry, this can come in mighty handy and those who wish to further save space can replace the traditional doors with sliding or folding doors. You will be surprised at how much square footage can be saved in the kitchen with a simple change of the pantry door.

Pantry in the kitchen need not be exclusive at all times
Pastel hues for the modern kitchen
Simple wiry shelves turn even pantry doors into storage opportunity
Stocking can the pantry in an organized fashion can save plenty of space
Transitional kitchen pantry with space-savvy features
Utilizing the additional storage space of doors to make most of the pantry [From: Venegas and Company]
Interior doors of the pantry that disappear into the wall
Even the doors can be turned into storage options with smart planning [From: KitchenLab – Rebekah Zaveloff Interiors]
Polished folding doors for the contemporary kitchen [From: Fred Tabet]

Inspired by Farmhouse Charm

When it comes to the space-saving pantry door, few are more popular than the barn-style sliding door that is both sturdy and trendy. If you are not comfortable with the idea of the heavy barn door in wood, then opt for its modern fashion that employs the same ergonomics but offers different aesthetics.

Doors with chalkboard finish or ones in metal with rustic and farmhouse overtones, even the classics work beautifully when it comes to the pantry door in the modern kitchen.

Gray barn style sliding door for the transitional kitchen pantry [From: Robert Paige Cabinetry / Photography: William Quarles]
Large barn styled wood door for the farmhouse pantry [From: Level Ground Enterprise]
Perfect pantry doors for the modern Mediterranean kitchen with Spanish flavor with French doors inspiration [From: Matthew Thomas Architecture]
Sliding barn style door for the pantry is a great space-saver [From: Advance Homes]
Traditional kitchen with a pantry door that compliments it elegantly [From: Cummings Architects / Joyelle West Photography]
A classic approach to the pantry door design [From: Curt Hofer & Associates]
Dark gray and red pantry for the modern kitchen

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