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25 Diverse Dining Rooms with Sliding Barn Doors

In our quest to bring textural beauty and contrast into modern homes, we are starting to embrace rustic and farmhouse elements that were previously considered ‘unfit’ for polished interiors. The last few years have seen an increase in elements such as the exposed brick wall and the feature wall clad in reclaimed wood, and the classic barn door is no different. Sliding barn doors come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and finishes and often usher in a hint of nostalgia along with uniqueness and freshness. Moving away from the mundane and revitalizing the space they adorn, today we take a look at dining rooms that embrace the beauty of the sliding barn door.

Create an exquisite and striking entrance for your dining room with sliding doors [Design: balzer + tuck architecture]

A large sliding barn-style door often ends up being the visual focal point of the room, and the more modern your dining room is, the greater the impact of this cool addition. Fitting in with a wide variety of styles, you can even use more modern sliding barn-style doors that draw inspiration from their traditional counterparts. Whether you are a stickler for tradition, or you enjoy experimenting with your home decoration, you will definitely love this woodsy delight!

Usher in Color and Creativity

We kickstart today’s set of dining rooms with those that use the sliding barn door to add color and offer creative, space-savvy solutions. The large barn door painted red, green, yellow or any other bright hue of your choice can become the new showstopper of your dining space and can add color in a striking yet curated fashion. This design approach works well both in modern and farmhouse dining rooms, and you can repeat the hue elsewhere to give the room a bright color scheme.

Sliding door brings a touch of bright red to the dining room [Design: Nest Designs LLC]
Striking sliding barn door hides the pantry in this kitchen and dining space [From: Heather Banks]

If color is not your thing, then try out modern sliding glass doors in glass that bring together the best of both worlds. From hiding the pantry in the dining room to connecting the kitchen with the dining area, sliding barn doors can do it all with ease.

Farmhouse chic dining room with plenty of color [From: Corynne Pless]
Reclaimed barn door in the dining room hides a large shelf [From: Esther Hershcovic]
Creating visual connection between kitchen and dining with small window and sliding doors [From: Garman Builders / Justin Tearney]
Etched glass sliding doors give the classic barn style door a stunning modern reinterpretation [From: Dennis Mayer Photography]

Farmhouse and Rustic Spaces

Modern farmhouse and rustic dining rooms try to constantly maintain a balance between the old and the new, the polished and the rough, and the exquisite with the understated. It is a world where contrasting textures and finishes find space next to one another, and it is here that the large barn door offers the perfect blend of both styles. A large reclaimed barn door painted gray seems to represent both the refinement of modern style and the charm of a farmhouse setting ever so eloquently.

Barn doors are a great choice for the rustic dining room [From: Glennwood Custom Builders]
Modern rustic dining space coupled with Scandinavian elements [From: elena del bucchia DESIGN / Martin Tessler]
Stylish dining room in gray with modern farmhouse appeal [Design: Dröm Living]
Farmhouse style dining room with sliding barn doors [From: Olsen Studios / Shoot2Sell Photography]
Rustic dining room utilizes space-saving sliding barn door [Design: John Hummel & Associates Custom Builders]
Twin barn doors are perfect for the dining room with gabled ceiling [Design: Yankee Barn Homes]

Contemporary Aesthetics at Work

From rustic and farmhouse dining rooms, we move on to contemporary spaces where the barn door can serve both as a unique, decorative piece and a space-saving, functional addition. While normal doors that swing open take up clearance space, the sliding barn door saves these precious few square feet in the small dining room. If you do not really need a grand, new sliding barn door as a functional addition, just add it to the backdrop as an embellishment that offers contrast.

Contemporary dining space of New York home is filled with varied textures and finishes [Design: HGNY]
Dining room with bright green chairs, corner coffee station and sliding style barn door [Design: Lavender Design Group]
Light-filled modern dining room with a narrow entry and sliding barn door [Design: Audrey Matlock Architect]
Modern dining room in green with sliding barn door [From: Weaver Custom Homes]
Contemporary dining room with unique sliding barn door [From: Rufty Homes]
Mediterranean style dining room with beautiful barn doors [From: Tina Marie Interior Design / Stephen Allen Photography]

Discover Your Style

A more metallic barn-style door is perfect for the industrial dining room, while one crafted from reclaimed wood is great in shabby chic and bohemian-style dining spaces. Adding a natural and relaxing element to the dining room, the barn door can either accentuate the existing theme of the area or give it a cool ‘exclamation point’ that you would absolutely adore. Couple it with the right lighting and décor, and you have an inviting dining room that feels both casual and tasteful.

Give the dining room barn door an inventive twist [From: Conrad Brothers of Idaho]
Industrial dining room with brick wall and sliding barn door [Design: The Ranch Mine]
Traditional barn door separates the dining room from the family room [From: Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors / Jim Brady Architectural Photography]
Sliding barn doors are a space-saver in the small dining room [From: Steinberg Custom Designs]
Traditional dining room with sliding barn door [Design: Mezger Homes]
Barn doors are ideal for a dining room connected with multiple rooms [Design: Interiors by Design]

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