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25 Outdoor Lantern Lighting Ideas That Dazzle and Amaze!

It’s that time of the year again when life moves from indoors to the world outside, and most of us are trying to find new excuses to enjoy the sights and sounds of summer and the months ahead. Of course, this means plenty of time on the porch or balcony, and maybe a lazy evening surrounded by your beautiful garden or small courtyard and its tranquility. Whether you prefer quality family time under the setting sun or are more of a party animal who keeps going till dawn the next day, outdoor lighting becomes an important part of this inviting and entertaining area. And what better way to set the mood than beautiful lantern lighting!

Hammerton Exterior Lantern Lighting – A fairytale brought alive! [From: Hammerton Lighting]

One of the top outdoor design trends of this summer, lanterns are here to stay. Even if you have great ambience, adding a couple of lanterns to the setting only accentuates the appeal of your porch or poolside deck without disturbing the existing style. Affordable, adaptable and exquisite, here are 25 great inspirations that will help you get in on this cool lighting trend –

Mediterranean Flair

Think of gorgeous lanterns with intricate pattern, textural beauty and plenty of color, and one automatically gravitates toward Mediterranean design and Moroccan influences. Born from a confluence of contrasting cultures and rich heritage, lighting fixtures with Moroccan style are now popular all across the world, and if you wish to turn your backyard or balcony with a view of the distant coastline into a relaxing retreat, these beautiful and crafty lanterns provide the perfect option. You can even add them to contemporary outdoor spaces to give them a subtle Mediterranean flavor without going overboard with more elaborate motifs.

Mediterranean patio serves as a luxurious outdoor living space [Design: Studio Blu / Luke Gibson Photography]
Dazzling lighting fixtures fashion an enchanting backyard [Design: Black Bear Builders]
Contemporary patio feels like a relaxing Mediterranean escape [Design: MJ Lanphier]
Lantern lighting brings Mediterranean elegance to the tropical poolscape [Design: Eduarda Correa Arquitetura & Interiores]
Moroccan lanterns and patterned umbrella complete an eclectic outdoor dining space [Design: Shannon Ggem / Photography: michael Kelley]

A Dreamy Escape

The magic of outdoor lanterns is that they can turn even the most mundane setting into a dreamy escape that seems completely different from the rest of your house. With the idea of a staycation catching on, this summer might be the perfect time to turn your small courtyard, porch or even balcony into an exotic little ‘getaway’ that is a world in itself. Just pick an exotic theme like tropical, Mediterranean or Tuscan, and then add some plush seating and lovely lanterns, along with maybe a small fireplace, and you are good to go!

Poolside chairs, hammock and lanterns on trees for a mesmerizing backyard retreat! [From: Black Bear Builders]
Turn your backyard into a romantic lighting with simple lantern lighting [Design: CDI: Choice Designs / Photography: Isaac Norris]
Stunning beach style deck with lovely lantern lighting that captivates [Design: Peters Billiards]
Rustic lanterns complete a beautiful and inviting outdoor dining space [Design: Abbott Moon]

Classic Paper Lanterns

One of the biggest reasons for the new-found love for lantern-style lighting fixtures is essentially the classic paper lantern and its unique visual appeal. The giant paper lantern was initially crafted in China, and then the Japanese perfected it and passed it on to the rest of the world! It is these giant, seemingly weightless lighting fixtures that inspired midcentury masters like George Nelson and Isamu Noguchi to create their unique brand of lighting fixtures. While the Nelson pendants and Noguchi light sculptures may not be for the outdoors, a simple and colorful paper lantern definitely is great for the vast outdoors. Ultra-affordable and making a big visual impact, they are truly timeless.

Paper lanterns add color and vivacious charm to the patio without costing a fortune [From: Finch Photo]
String lights coupled with two giant lanterns to illuminate the deck [Design: The Cousins]
Outdoor retreat for the entire family laced with comfy decor and beautiful lanterns [Design: MTLA- Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture]
A lineup of paper lanterns does add festive cheer to the deck [Design: Bland Landscaping Company]

Get on the Floor!

The outdoor lantern need not always be hung from the pergola structure or a giant tree, and they make an equally big impact when simply placed on the ground in a careful and curated fashion. This definitely is the trend when it comes to fashioning awesome poolscapes filled with pomp and wonder. It is an idea that draws inspiration from amazing tropical destinations and resorts where decorating with lanterns around the pools is almost the norm. And even if your home does not really lie in the tropical belt, it looks equally impressive, and you can also move the lanterns around easily to create different configurations.

Outdoor lantern lighting next to the pool looks elegant and classic [Design: escale design]
Gorgeous tropical pool with lantern lighting and a gazebo in the distance
Lantern style lighting brings an air of dreaminess to the contemporary landscape [Design: Kirkpatrick Design]
Use lanterns to add aesthetic quality and supplement ambient lighting in the patio [From: Cassie Daughtrey Realogics Sotheby’s Realty / Cory Holland Photography]
Lanterns and fireplace create a cozy and traditional outdoor hangout under the stars! [Design: beautiful bones and purple stones / Brian Lincoln Photography]
Small and private courtyard with breezy ambiance and wonderful lighting [Design: Palm Design Group]

Versatile and Trendy

Hanging lanterns outdoors can be done irrespective of the style of the landscape, as long as you can find a lighting fixture that blends in effortlessly. From rustic and farmhouse to contemporary and eclectic, no matter what the style of your porch or outdoor living space, there is an awesome lantern lighting fixture out there that fits in seamlessly. Adding one to the outdoor dining space gives it a more festive and cheerful look, and once the holiday season rolls in, this smart addition would seem even more appropriate. Whether you prefer multiple hanging lanterns or a single, giant fixture, now is surely the time to get in on this hot trend.

An entrance to behold – Mediterranean style at its brilliant best! [Design: Thompson Custom Homes / Photography: Steve Chenn]
Multi-colored lanterns make a big statement in this narrow patio [Design: Go Green Construction]
Rustic porch that is simple and unassuming! [From: Leedy Interiors / Lara Swimmer Photography]
Hanging lanterns – A perfect way to light up the porch and long hallways [Design: Allwood Construction]
Traditional patio with large lantern lighting [Design: Jason Knebel/ Photography: Jonathan Calvert]

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