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Exotic Moroccan Patios Add Color And Excitement To Your Home!

Over the last two weeks we have showcased some stunning Moroccan-inspired interiors that range from colorful living rooms to beautiful and mystical bedrooms. Today we take that journey a step further with Moroccan-style patios and courtyards that steal the show with their unbridled elegance, brilliant use of color and intricate patterns. Much like the interiors shaped by Moroccan influences, modern patios infused with Moroccan elements are visually appealing and seem to bring home the charm of an exotic, Middle Eastern retreat.

Fabulous tropical patio with a touch or Moroccan elegance and color!

by Alexandra Lauren Designs

Turning towards Moroccan-inspired patios is far easier than giving your interior a Moroccan touch, and unlike in the case of many other design styles, you do not need extensive space for this bright and brilliant style. Complete with complex patterns and colorful tiles, the Moroccan patio is all about showcasing your unrestrained enthusiasm for life at its dazzling best!

Intricately carved decor and brilliant lighting shape this stunning Moroccan patio

by Coleccion Alexandra

Casual and playful patio design with Moroccan rugs and throw pillows

Lighting adds the exotic touch to this amazing outdoor landscape

by Gordon Stein Design

Stunning porch brings together contemporary comfort and Moroccan Design

by Elad Gonen

Tiles, bold patterns and bright colors are an integral part of the Moroccan style

Simple yet vivacious take on the classic Moroccan patio

by Lori Smyth Design

Rich Patterns and Vibrant Hues

There are plenty of different approaches you can take to decorating your patio with Moroccan furnishings and accessories. But the most brilliant one of them all is obviously embracing the style in its purest form, and that means bringing home some fascinating colors, amazing geometric patterns, funky ottomans and luxurious fabric! Obviously that doesn’t sound bad at all, and you can further turn your patio into a serene and stunning personal oasis by adding a daybed in the classic Moroccan style. This also gives you an opportunity to throw in some comfy rainbow-tinted throw pillows, giving the patio that authentic Moroccan appeal!

Give your patio a more informal look with some traditional Moroccan decor

Gorgeous Moroccan patio is perfect for a home with Mediterranean theme

by Tommy Chambers Interiors

While most of us find it easier to incorporate a Moroccan-inspired patio, others might have enough space to add a central courtyard to their home. Visually enchanting, a Moroccan-themed courtyard generally features bright, colorful tiles, a water feature at its heart and some natural greenery that adds to the overall ambiance. Once again, silken fabric, floor cushions and lantern-style lights help elevate this look to a whole different level.

Fabulous Moroccan porch exudes elegance and opulence

Dramatic indoor courtyard with distinct Moroccan design

Beautiful Moroccan patterns and tile enliven the cool patio

Turn your backyard into an exotic retreat!

Top view of a stylish Moroccan courtyard with hand-painted tiles and colorful decor

by Artisan Books

Trendy Urban Touch

Not all of us are comfortable enough to completely commit to a theme, and when it comes to a style that is as exotic as ‘Moroccan’, it is obvious that we want to test the waters before taking the plunge. You can begin by giving your modern patio subtle Moroccan accents in the form of trendy lighting and cool ottomans. Most often, these will fit right in with your contemporary outdoor landscape, and the glittering lights will add to the dramatic appeal of the setting. This is also the best way to find that perfect balance between the chic urban look and the audacious Moroccan style.

Lantern style lighting and bright decor give the contemporary patio a dash of Moroccan charm

by MJ Lanphier

Modern Moroccan-inspired patio combined with breezy tropical touches

by SAK Designs

Another smart compromise is to give your patio a distinct Mediterranean style and let small Moroccan overtones creep in over time. Both styles have many similarities, and this also allows you to use lovely Moroccan patterns, which you might be incredibly fond of without having to add bright reds and vivacious purples. The Mediterranean style lets you bring in cool aqua, fashionable turquoise and pristine white instead!

A smart way to combine the Moroccan patio with the modern pool deck

by Gil Walsh Interiors

Arched windows drive home the Moroccan style with a Middle eastern touch!

by Summerour Architects

Expansive Moroccan courtyard offers inspiration for the modern patio

by OBM International

The hookah pipe gives the room a cool Moroccan flavor almost instantly!

by Anticmistic – Old Europe Lifestyle

Giving the brilliant Moroccan style a sleek, modern edge in the patio!

by Design By Mish

A Smart Blend of Styles

All you need is a hint of imagination to infuse Moroccan design elements into the patio with other exotic styles like Asian, Japanese and tropical. Most of these unique themes work very well in the patio, and since the outdoor landscape is detached from your interior, you need not always be worried about a continuity of themes and styles. The use of natural bamboo and a more minimalist approach gives the patio an Asian-inspired look, even as you enliven it with festive Moroccan accents. A tropical theme relies more on nature-centric design and bold prints, while you can use Moroccan lighting and rugs to add intrigue to the space.

Bold colors of Moroccan design combined with smart Mediterranean influences

by Luke Gibson Photography

Gorgeous patio showcases a subtle touch of Moroccan pattern along with Asian style

by C. Marie Designs

Versatile and beautiful, Moroccan-inspired decor is quickly becoming a staple in homes across the world. Even contemporary homes seem to be falling in love with the shiny ottomans and fabulous lamps that are shaped by the unique culture of this North African nation. And your patio is the perfect place to let these additions shine while you enjoy a lovely summer and fall outdoors!

Lovely blues bring in the Mediterranean touch to the fun patio

by Chris Barrett Design

Custom crafted Moroccan style cabana with a touch of Indian decor

by Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

Minimal indoor courtyard combines Japanese and Moroccan influences

by C.O.S Design

Plush decor ideas to shape your perfect Moroccan-inspired patio and courtyard

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