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Dashing New Jersey Home Embraces Modern Sheen with a Polished New Interior

We love a home that combines the old with the new and does so while creating a charming and cheerful living environment. That is just what you get with this lovely residence in Summit, New Jersey where the classic exterior of the house is draped in a gray and white sheen. Bluish-gray is a trendy choice for home exteriors and combining it with white trims makes it even more beautiful. Step inside and this love for blue, gray and white continues with an open plan living area on the lower level and private spaces on the top floor. A lovely, traditional staircase connects both the floors as Rinaldi Interiors fill each room with a sense of uniqueness.

Gorgeous gray and white exterior of revamped home in Summit, NJ feels dashing and unique

Every room in the house seems to surprise you with something different and the best among them all is the dining room which has a wallpaper that steals the show instantly. In the white and blue home office it is the Woods Wallpaper by Cole and Son that sets the mood even as the bedrooms stay away from bold pattern and embrace a more tranquil look. In the living area it is white that shapes the backdrop even as a gray accent wall that is turned into a dashing gallery wall. This ingenious design style is continued in bathrooms as well with green floor tiles in one and a monochromatic white look in the other.

Elegant living room with a dark gray accent wall turned into a lovely gallery wall
Revamped interior of the house in white with a traditional staircase
Stunning and unique dining room with a wallpaper that steals the spotlight
Wallpaper brings pattern to this chic home office without altering it color scheme
Accent wall in gray along with slim floating shelves for the modern home office

Smart, sensible and contemporary, this modern New Jersey home is one where the traditional backdrop is given a fresh makeover with modern touches and eclectic pops of color. A perfect blend of the inventive and eccentric!

Bedroom in blue, gray and white feels both modern and traditional at the same time
Curated and sophisticated home office in blue and white with wallpaper on the walls that bring pattern
Custom walls of the dining room are not for everyone
Fabulous modern bathroom in white with green-tiled floor and a window shade that elevates the color scheme
Contemporary white bathroom of the New Jersey home with a pinch of black thrown into the mix

Sherry Nothingam

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