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Best Eclectic Living Rooms in White: Weaving Together Contrasting Elements!

Life can seem boring and dull at times and this is truer when you are stuck indoors in uncertain times or even on just a dreary, rainy week with very little sunlight all around. If you have a living room that is draped in beige, has a while sofa and a few other décor pieces in neutral colors, then it does work well on most occasions. But this safe. Modern approach to living room decorating falls woefully short when you are looking for a space to uplift and inspire you. We do not have anything against those gorgeous grays and beautiful beige walls at all! But we do want to move into more exciting realms once in a while and this is where eclectic living rooms come in handy.

Eye-catching navy blue sofa, colorful rug and accent pillows bring color to this white eclectic living room

Having already shared with our readers many eclectic living room inspirations over the year, we thought now is a good time to showcase some of the best and more recent inspirations that are anchored in white. An eclectic living room in white is one we can all try with a bit more adventure and there is a lot more scope to getting things right than wrong in these spaces. With a plethora of advantages and endless possibilities, this is a look at the best eclectic living rooms in white; spaces that are still filled with a whole lot of color and creativity!

The Perfect Backdrop!

Many of us love the eclectic style because it does something no other decorating philosophy can – add diverse element and bind them together ever so beautifully. There is no restriction on the colors, pattern or textures you can use in here as long as they can all be unified with some sense of commonality. White walls allow you to do this and do it with modernity thrown into the mix. Even if you have brick walls, painting them white can get the job done in here. The more blank the canvas, more beautiful the colors on it seem!

Add something different and fun to the eclectic living room with a swing [From: Neha Rajora Designs]
Artwork collected from all across the world is used to create a fabulous gallery wall in this living room [From: studiovert design]
Bright wall art and fabulous collection of modern decor sets the mood inside this white eclectic living space [From: Danielle Rose Design]
Brilliant eclectic living room combines different decorating styles and influences
Tiny eclectic living room of Paris home with bright furniture and a dash of woodsy charm

Creating Visual Space

White eclectic living spaces just feel much more spacious than their counterparts in gray or cream. This is obviously an effect of the monochromatic white backdrop that reflects light more efficiently and also gives the small room a visually larger persona. In urban apartment and smaller living areas, this effect is even more profound and you can easily discover a ‘new look’ by altering jut the color of the walls. With eclectic spaces feeling a touch chaotic at times, the white in here makes for a sensible choice.

Decorate that eclectic living room with string lights for a merrier look!
FInding a balance between space-savvy design and eclectic touches in the small living room
It is green, yellow and red that pop out in this living room with walls in white
Pastel pink brings feminine charm to this curated modern eclectic living room in white

Shifting Between Styles

One advantage that white offers unlike any other color in the eclectic living room is an ease when it comes to changing between themes and even styles. Whether you like eclectic chic or a more eccentric eclectic style, white walls are game all the time. You can also move away from the style and create a more curated, modern living room by just changing the furniture pieces down the line. Even for those who want to combine a hint of eclectic charm with cabin style or Scandinavian simplicity, a white background makes everything simpler and far more cost-effective. This separates the white eclectic living room from the many others out there.

Modular sofa with splash of colorful brilliance enlivens this living space in white
Small eclectic living room of Sydney home with white shaping the backdrop [From: Sartorial Interiors]
Decorate the white eclectic living room with the perfect accent gallery wall
Fabulous lighting fixture in the eclectic living room captures your attention [From: Agence Gaële Boutaud]
Living room of New York home with modern eclectic style and ample shelf space [From: Sara Bengur Interiors]

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