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10 Versatile Mudrooms That Double as Home Workspaces

We do love homes that bring the outdoors inside, with stunning views, green landscape or the glittering lights of the city skyline becoming a part of the interior’s narrative. But you can also drag in the outdoors in an entirely different way if you lack a proper mudroom! From dirty shoes to wet raincoats, hats and the paw prints of your four-legged buddy, mudrooms deal with plenty of traffic, especially as the rains set in. Though not everyone can afford to have one because of space constraints (or maybe you just do not need one), those with a mudroom are often looking for ways in which they can maximize it. And today we do precisely that by turning it into a cool workspace.

Bright pops of color in the mudroom seem even more attractive thanks to the gray backdrop [From: Ana Williamson Architect / David Wakely Photography]

Mudroom home offices are essentially small workspaces that often turn a lonely, underutilized corner into a smart workstation. Of course, those blessed with a more spacious entry can add a bigger home office setup, but the idea here is all about utilizing the available square footage to the hilt without making it seem all too crowded. This is multitasking at its adaptable best!

Small Mudroom Workspaces

Having a large mudroom is simply not possible for many of us, and there are times when we are just happy with a tiny entry. But even the smallest mudroom can hold a simple home workspace that allows you to get away from all the noise and spend a few hours every week checking your mail, sorting your files and maybe paying those bills as well. Sure, this is not a full-fledged home office where there is plenty of desk space, but at times, that small nook in the corner is all you need.

Even the tiniest entry can accommodate both the mudroom and home office [From: John C. Sanders and Company / Dustin Peck Photography]

Shelving is not an issue in the mudroom, with most of them featuring a series of open shelves and closed cabinets that store everything ranging from coats, boots and umbrellas to surfboards and tennis rackets. Just extend this shelving above the worktable to give your tiny home office ample storage and display space. Add to this an ergonomic chair and a lovely desk lamp or pendant light, and you are good to go.

Making use of the small corner space in the tiny mudroom with smart seating [Design: Carlyn And Company Interiors + Design]
Ultra-mini home office space that is more about organization than desk space [Design: Terracotta Design Build]

Fitting in with Your Needs

Even if your home has a bigger entry that allows for a more spacious mudroom, the design of the home office within this area is largely dependent on your specific needs. Combining the mudroom, laundry room and home office that overlooks the rear garden is increasingly becoming a popular choice, and this multipurpose room does make a whole lot of sense. Apart from keeping the home clean, a home office here provides you with lovely views, and you can also get some work done over the weekend during laundry time!

Multipurpose room with mudroom, laundry and home office rolled into one [Design: KannCept Design]

Maybe you do not really carry all that much work home and would prefer to check your mail in the comfort of your bedroom. Then just throw in a smart reading desk and chair, and turn the empty corner in the mudroom into a ‘homework zone’ for your kid. This is definitely easy to pull off, and if the mudroom can keep out noise and provide adequate privacy, there is no reason why this cannot work.

A desk and chair for the mudroom can give the kids a cool study space [Design: Clawson Architects]
Transitional style mudroom with a lovely home workspace [Design: Great Neighborhood Homes]

Traditional Aesthetics

The traditional mudroom with open shelves and hooks for your coats and hats, a few wicker baskets that hide away the mess, a simple rug that gets rid of the dirt, and closed cabinets for everything else is a design that is perennially popular among homeowners. You really need not alter too much of this to fit in a workspace, and at times custom cabinetry with a built-in desk makes this even more simple and efficient. Make sure, though, that the surfaces and finishes you choose are easy to clean and also ensure that there is a lovely blend of natural and artificial lighting that gives the mudroom / home office a beautiful ambiance.

Traditional mud room with built-in shelves is a perfect space for the small home office [Design: Knight Architects LLC]
Keeping the design of the mudroom home workspace simple and stylish [From: Urban Building Group / Jim Schmid Photography]
Open shelving in the mudroom gives it a more spacious look [Design: Sicora Design/Build]

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