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How to Design a Practical Mudroom

It’s a drizzly, dreary day outside and your children have just arrived home from school. They burst through the door, full of excitement and ready to cast off their drenched clothing and snuggle into something warm. Unfortunately, just as they discard their rain boots onto your freshly cleaned carpets, your soggy pup comes barging through door after them. Now your foyer is covered in muddy paw prints, dirty rain coats and layers of wet garments. If only you had a mudroom, you could avoid all of this mess.

Images above by LDa Architecture & Interiors

by Peregrine Design Build

by Crystal Kitchen Center

Although for many years they seemed somewhat archaic, mudrooms are making a comeback in modern homes. In addition to being extremely practical for anyone with children, pets or a rainy climate, these spaces can also be a great place to organize all of the things you need to grab before heading out the door. Here are a few helpful hints for putting together your own convenient mudroom.

Select Easy-to-Clean Surfaces – A mudroom is supposed to get dirty. It’s a space for stripping off wet, sweaty or dirty clothing and shoes so you don’t have to drag them through the rest of your home. Thus, your mudroom should have surfaces that can easily be wiped down and won’t be ruined by dirt or dampness. Concrete, tile or linoleum are the best choices for flooring.

by Cynthia Lynn Photography

Keep Washable Rugs and Towels Handy – After stepping inside on a stormy day, your first instinct will be to wipe off your muddy shoes and dry your face and hands. Make sure you have plenty of towels on hand, and ensure your rugs can be easily washed or hosed off outside.

by LDa Architecture & Interiors

by Emerick Architects

Organization is Key – Like most other rooms in a home, a mudroom needs to be well organized. Invest in a clothing hamper for wet and dirty garments and install hooks to hang coats, backpacks, car keys, purses and other items you may need to grab as you walk out of the door. By keeping everything in one place, leaving the home will be much less of a chore.

by Ron Brenner Architects / Photography: Phillip Mueller Photography

by Crisp Architects

by Eclectic Interiors

by Venegas and Company together with LDa Architecture & Interiors

by Crisp Architects

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