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A World of Zen: 25 Serenely Beautiful Meditation Rooms

The more tech-savvy and busy we get, the more we feel a need to get away from it all and spend some time in peace and tranquility. An escape to an exotic holiday destination does help in this regard, but you really cannot take a break every week! This is where the calming influence of meditation and yoga comes in. Much more than a fad and a growing trend globally, spending at least a few minutes each day meditating can improve your concentration, posture and mood, along with delivering a slew of other health benefits. But like everything else, a perfect meditative session needs an ideal meditation room or space.

Awesome meditation and reflection room with Hunter Douglas® Duette® Honeycomb Shades [Design: Decorview]
Awesome meditation and reflection room with Hunter Douglas® Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Crafting your own meditation room is far easier than planning for that ideal bedroom or living space. Often, it is the world that surrounds this room that is more important that what lies within. A serene sanctuary that can also be used for yoga or family time, a meditation space can also be pretty versatile. The 25 meditation rooms on display today will definitely tempt you to turn towards this training of mind, body and soul.

Distinctly Modern

Meditation rooms are most often filled with elements of traditional Japanese design (which is not a bad way to go about it, as you will see a bit later), but you can take a different approach by crafting your meditation space with a modern flavor. Essentially meditation rooms are simple and minimal, and hence make sure that you only decorate it with things you absolutely need. Sometimes, an empty room with glass walls and a stunning view is all that’s required! In fact, this is the preferred option for many, as it lets in the energy of the elements while creating a calm and sheltered space.

Custom screen creates a calm, tranquil atmosphere as it filters natural light [From: Shelter Architecture + Design / Karen Melvin Photography]
Meditation room can also be used as a home gym and yoga studio when needed [Design: Rozalynn Woods Interior Design]
Minimal Meditation room keeps with custom design [Design: Siol]
Sometimes all you need is an empty room with a yoga mat for a perfect meditation room [Design: Blansfield Builders]
View outside is all this reflective space needs [Design: Ryan Associates General Contractors]

Classic Japanese Elements

Whether you want a meditation room that is inspired by Asian design or would prefer one that is contemporary, having a few smart floor pillows and a couple of mats around is a good choice. If you want to go down the traditional Japanese route, then bamboo mats, shoji screens and lantern-style lighting should do the trick. The color palette needs to be warm and inviting, with earthen hues dominating the visual. A statue of Buddha is optional, but having a focal point of your choice is definitely recommended for beginners.

Lighting, design of the ceiling and the windows create a wonderful ambiance inside this Meditation room [Design: ZEN Associates]
Shoji screens are an absolute must for the fabulous Asian style meditation room [Photography: Dennis Mayer]
Stunning use of skylight for the Asian style Meditation room [From: Dirk Denison Architects / David Matheson Photography]
Traditional Japanese tea room also serves as a tranquil meditation room [From: Design A / Berkeley Mills]
Use the meditation space as a cool yoga studio as well [Design: FLO Design Studio]
Japanese design elements have become an integral part of the modern meditation room [Design: Michael Whaley Interiors]

Taking It Outside

Maybe your house is just too noisy for a meditation space even if you can afford to spare an entire room for it. If so, take the meditation room outdoors and create a Zen-style nook that allows you to rest, rejuvenate and meditate. There are many different ways of doing this, from a simple wooden deck or elevated platform in your garden to an exclusive ‘meditation shed’ that makes the most of the wonderful views outside. Even the smallest backyards and courtyards can accommodate a beautiful and quiet nook perfect for meditation, and all you need are a few floor cushions and maybe a couple of scented candles to get started.

Reclaimed wood and glass shape rustic meditation shed surrounded by greenery [From: Sarah Greenman]
Small deck in the secluded garden takes your meditation practice outdoors! [Design: Jason Jones Photography]
Turn the outdoor deck into a serene meditation spot [Design: Devall Designs & Home]
Amazing Multilevel Mountain Garden allows you to move away from the mundane! [Design: The Collins Group/JDP Design]

This awesome mountain garden covered in mist features a side meditation garden with rock structures like the ones above, and we assume any little nook in this seemingly magical garden is great for meditating! This definitely is our absolute favorite when it comes to enchanting meditation spots.

Find your inspiration in a stunning courtyard like this! [Design: Dive Interior Concepts]
Meditation shed overlooking a lake promises seclusion and tranquility [Design: David Coleman / Architecture]
Timber structure takes you away from the hustle and bustle of daily life [Design: Birdseye Design]

Multipurpose Meditation Rooms

Having a meditation room does not mean it needs to be an exclusive space that is used just for meditation and yoga sessions. It could be something as simple as a corner in the living room with a window that offers a view of the garden, or a part of your home office that is unused. Sometimes you might have to move around furniture a bit, maybe tuck in that Murphy bed in the guest room or just make space in the family room, but as long as the room seems peaceful, uncluttered and makes you happy, this is not an issue at all. Beautiful lighting and a wonderful aroma in the air can complete this transformation.

Open corner of a modern living space with a stunning and fiery focal point doubles as a meditation zone [Design: Diligence International]
Multifunctional and small meditation room [Design: Leslie Lofgren-Lead Designer]
Space is never a constraint when you want to fashion a small meditative nook [Design: Ashford Associates]
Turn even the hallway into a tranquil meditation zone with the right décor [Design: Barrett Studio Architects]
Home office and meditation room rolled into one [Design: Angela Todd Designs]
Family room that also serves as meditation space [Design: Kim E Courtney Interiors & Design]

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