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Peaceful, Chic Meditation Rooms

Of course, you can meditate anywhere. But having a dedicated room or space in your abode for quiet reflection is a way to make it easier to keep your practice going. And of course, a meditation area can be used for yoga, dance, stretching, massage, or other relaxing activities.

There are many ways you can approach a space for mediating—minimalist, maximalist, colorful or monochrome. Deciding exactly what works for you depends on what you find both inspiring and relaxing. There is no “right way” to create a great, Zen-inspired meditation space.


Two sculptures (one small and gentle, one large and dramatic), a few large floor pillows, an adult “sandbox” and strategic lighting make for a sweet space.

This room relies on basic elements

This warm and wonderful meditation area shows what a grouping of candles and some creamy curtains hung judiciously can do to transform any space.

This room would be a beautiful way to wake up before the sun rises


This tropical meditation and relaxation space looks more complex than it is. While the altar with statues is all-weather and can be left out, the rugs and cushions can be brought in at night or during inclement weather.

The overlaying of patterns keeps things interesting

Keep sun from burning your skin with white curtains woven into an overhead trellis. This beautiful meditation patio includes some pillows to rest on, a flower-filled altar, and some natural grass storage containers for odds and ends.

This beautiful outdoor space is nothing if not serene


Transforming an underutilized room in your house—like this attic—into a meditation space can be achieved with some rugs, a couple floor lamps, a simple curtain and some candles.

This colorful space takes advantage of great natural light

This mediation room looks luxe and is certainly maximalist, but it’s just a simple, high-ceilinged room that’s been layered up with color, texture and patterns to create an inspiring space.

Jewel tones dress up this small space


Especially if you are meditating in the morning, getting enough light is key. The room below is completely oriented around the large French doors that face into the garden.

Natural light is key to a great morning meditation

Three large windows warm and brighten this meditation room at the Centre for Spirituality, which overlooks a green garden.

Stretching and relaxing would be easy in this room

Did any of today’s meditation rooms inspire you? Tell us about your favorites by leaving a comment below…

Starre Vartan

Starre Vartan is a design, travel, and environment writer, editor, and author who had a free-range childhood in New York’s Hudson Valley and the beach ‘burbs of Sydney, Australia. She feels most at home outdoors, and has lived off-grid on Hawaii’s Big Island; mountain biked in Trinidad; hiked the Continental Divide, and rappelled down an A[...]

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