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A View to cherish: Exquisite Vermont Residence at its Glassy Best

How many times have you heard about couples in NYC trying to get away from it all by planning a weekend in Vermont! Its picturesque landscape attracts tourists from far and wide and set in its beautiful wilderness is the Trefoil Glass House designed by J.Roc Design. Nestled in the fertile valley of Stowe and surrounded by beautiful mountains and untouched woods, the striking contemporary home is a confluence of three separate wings, each designed in the form of a square. At the heart of this expansive home is a three-sided hearth that delineates spaces, gives each wing its individual style and becomes the focal point of the open living area.

Simple and elegant decor of the living area

A long, 150 foot curtainwall surrounds the house and gives it its distinct façade while large glass walls open the living area towards the view outside. With changing seasons, one sees the varying sights and sounds of the landscape become a part of the interior, giving it a beautiful and diverse backdrop. A gable roof ensures that the central living area, kitchen and dining area feel truly spacious with iconic décor pieces like the Arco Floor Lamp and the Saarinen Tulip Table adding to the distinct charm of this Vermont escape.

Open design of the lovely retreat brings the outdoors inside
Arco Tulip table combined with gorgeous Tulip table
Kitchen and dining with Saarinen Tulip Table
Glass walls and doors bring the mesmerizing scenery indoors
Central double height void brings in ventilation
Bedroom connected with the balcony through large glass doors
Deck next to the bedroom with stunning views of Vermont landscape
Beautifully illuminated floating staircase design
Stylish wine storage and tasting area inside the Vermont home

One of the major features that defined the house was the need for complete accessibility, making every part of the home across its two levels wheelchair-friendly. Clear paths and easy access points add to this feature with beautiful lighting and top-notch insulation completing a classy, contemporary residence set in an idyllic backdrop. [Photography: James Leng]

Translucent doors and partition for the shower area
Dark exterior of the home combined with transparent glass walls
Trefoil Glass House in Vermont
Snow-covered landscape around the Vermont retreat
Three different squares combine to create the Vermont home
Sweeping deck around the open living area

Sherry Nothingam

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